articles by Bikram Vohra


'Howdy, Modi' event: Modi, Trump stole thunder but organisers painted poor picture of India's heritage with shoddy cultural programme

It amazes one that with two leaders representing the largest democracies in the world appearing before 50,000 people and a TV audience of one billion-plus the organisers were unable to rise above the amateur theatrics of a bunch of college students whose abilities were shored up by enthusiasm and little else.


From bees on windscreen to snakes in cockpit, a look at how reptiles and rodents can threaten aviation safety

Scottish traveller Moira Boxall was shocked to discover a live spotted python in her suitcase after when she reached home in Glasgow after a long flight from Adelaide.


Love, care have nothing to do with govt's e-cigarette ban; absurd to think people will stop vaping once stocks dry up

The ban on e-cigarettes and vaping devices is a win-win situation for the govt as on the one hand, it styles itself as a benefactor of public health, on the other hand, it puts a friendly arm around the tobacco industry and ensures that the jobs of those employed by it remain intact


Blocking last row on Airbus A320neos: Measure comes after EASA caution but not a red signal for potential danger

GoAir has about 30 A320neos in its fleet and over 100 more of the jets ordered with IndiGo holding the world record with 400 on order.


Chandrayaan 2: How Narendra Modi magic turned temporary setback for ISRO into tangible hope of seeing flag on Moon

Narendra Modi consoled the ISRO chief K Sivan and spoken to the scientists hours after the Chandrayaan 2 lost contact with Vikram Lander, turning a moment of great sadness into one of tangible hope


Hefty fines are right way to rid India's killer roads of daredevil drivers who hope to defy death mildly buzzed or completely sloshed

The ACHTU faith is based on self-destruction as a sacrifice to the god Daru who is a cousin of the Greek god Bacchus, the guy with a fetish for leopard and other cats.


Lt General Alok Kler disrupted convention with cycling odyssey; change of command ceremony is no place to exhibit passion for fitness

The cycling odyssey by Lt General Alok Kler to take over the command of South-Western Command of the Indian Army lends itself to great compliment at least for the originality of his arrival. But that said, the element of grandstanding does enter the mix


UAE woman seeks divorce, says husband's constant concern and kindness driving her crazy

A judge in United Arab Emirates' Fujairah was flummoxed when a litigant filed for divorce on the most unusual grounds. Her husband was killing her with kindness and she could take no more.


Police guns fail to fire for Jagannath Mishra: Incident exposes Bihar administration's incompetence, reveals rot runs deep

Although Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has red-facedly ordered a probe into this incident, not much is going to come out of it.


Narendra Modi's announces post of CDS on 73rd Independence Day: Officer must represent armed forces, not become Centre's mouthpiece

The decision spawns a whole office and set up staffed by at least three or four support officers of the three and two-star rank as well as others of lower rank.


Imran Khan must heed Shah Mahmood Qureshi's advice on Kashmir; PM's 'indignant' statements only part of desperate efforts to keep up pretence

In recent days, Imran Khan’s rhetoric on Kashmir has become increasingly heated and hostile. However, it is largely for domestic consumption.


IAF should follow suit of US Air Force's grounding of C-130 Hercules fleet for flaw check to avoid danger to men, material

The C-130 Hercules fleet with the United States Air Force has been temporarily grounded after a crack was discovered in the lower centre wing joint of an aircraft.


With Articles 35A and 370 off their plates, Narendra Modi leaves a battery of thinkers and intellectuals with little to grumble about on Kashmir

Packaged by themselves for themselves as conflict profiteers these merchants of glibness went with their single point agenda, turning their deliberate outrage into an armour without ever wishing to see the full picture.


BJP MLA Vikram Saini must not be allowed to get away with asinine comments on marrying 'fair Kashmiri women'

It is not easy to combine sexism, racism and prejudice into one sentence, but Saini has successfully done just so.


Boeing 737 MAX fallout: EASA tightens safety norms for A320neos to avert similar issues

In 2018 nine 320neos in India were grounded because of a shortage of Pratt and Whitney engine spares


Karan Johar's 'drug' party: Deepika, Ranbir and other celebs should sue MLA Manjinder S Sirsa to keep check on moral policing

Those celebrities who have been accused of doing drugs at Karan Johar's house party must take legal action against SAD MLA Manjinder S Sirsa; not doing so would tantamount to cowardice and only encourage moral policing in the country


Bali cutlery-lifting: Let’s not overdo the India-shamed bit, there’s nary a traveller who hasn’t thought of it

The Indian family caught in Bali with its loot of hotel cutlery has been pilloried for tarnishing India’s image.


Arnab's one-sided screamathon with Aparna Sen was vicious; it's time he brings decency to nightly gig

Every moment of Arnab Goswami's one-sided screamathon on his channel with Aparna Sen over 49 celebrities' letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday night was a testament to intolerance


IndiGo founders row: Promoters Rahul Bhatia, Rakesh Gangwal co-piloting airline into jeopardy

Insiders believe Gangwal showed annoyance over Bhatia using the IndiGo hub to launch several other enterprises in which obviously Gangwal had no say.


India’s move to acquire 114 fifth generation combat jets impressive but leaves IAF vulnerable for years to come

Fact is that this latest call to the world, while impressive, does not address the immediate paucity in the fighter frontline in IAF