articles by Ashok K Singh


Dubai Police chief's stinging tweets on Pakistan more than outburst; reveal Islamabad's unsteady relations with Saudi-led GCC bloc

Khalfan may be a maverick but as the top security official he won't fly off the handle on issues that can affect Dubai's bilateral relations with Pakistan.


Uri aftermath: Khawaja Asif's threat to nuke India displays a Pakistani habit to play victim

The phenomena of victimhood and lies used by Pakistani against India are designed to gain moral high ground abroad and to maintain and continue the jihadists industry at home.


'Modi govt is not fascist': Prakash Karat's salvo at Sitaram Yechury reveals schism in the Left

It’s Karat’s way of hitting back at Yechury’s decision that led to the CPI(M) and the Congress contesting the West Bengal assembly elections together.


Why Shourie is right in praising Modi's fight against corruption

Shourie's criticism is a reminder to Modi that if his government can eradicate corruption in high places, it can certainly handle non-performance on other fronts.


Sonia, Rahul's bravado stems from a sense of entitlement to immunity

The bravados of Sonia and Rahul take me to school days. Only two sorts of boys used to crow all the time that they were not afraid of anyone. One, the class bullies and the other who got bullied.


PIB's statement on AgustaWestland makes it look like an extension of BJP

The BJP crushed the PIB identity that day and virtually merged the government and the party wings into one. This happened earlier during the Emergency.


Carter's visit has a Chinese angle and India should keep its eyes open

US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter is in India to persuade India to align the government’s “Look Asia” policy to US’s Asia pivot.


Raheel Sharif calls the shots in Pakistan, not Nawaz: Then why this charade of a Pathankot 'probe'?

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is not in charge of Pakistan’s foreign and security affairs. The other Sharif is — Pakistan’s chief of army staff Raheel Sharif has wrested control of foreign affairs and defence from the prime minister.


Saudi visit a historic opportunity for India, but PM Modi must resist overplaying his hand on the IS front

Saudi Arabia’s cooperation and sharing of intelligence can be of immense help to India in tackling threats from the IS too. But Modi must resist overplaying India’s hand on the IS front.