articles by Anuj Kale and Shreya Khandekar


How public spaces could be customised to suit the post COVID-19 world: Read in new comic by the Leewardists

The Leewardists' latest comic looks at designers' attempts around the globe to shape existing public spaces to fit into the post-COVID-19 world's mould.


Post-pandemic cities: Will changes wrought by coronavirus outbreak on urban structures be the 'new normal'?

How might cities change as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and start heading towards a new life on the other side of the lockdown? Read Leewardists' latest comic, on Firstpost.


Do we need architects after the coronavirus outbreak? A comic strip about post-pandemic urban planning

While medical teams were battling the novel coronavirus day in and out; economies crashed and markets suffered, some of the evil minds from the real estate industry were rejoicing. Read Leewardists' latest comic panel, on Firstpost.