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Sudhaa Chandran being made to take off prosthetic leg during airport security checks is no new, isolated incident

I have had a prosthetic leg for the past 11 years of my 29 year-long life, and unfortunately, I’ve been on the receiving end of discriminatory security practices at airports for a long, long time.


Sivasagar: Exploring the former capital of Assam's Ahom dynasty, now a bustling tourist town

Though it isn't the most popular tourist destination, Assam's Sivasagar is home to monuments which are grand despite the absence of explicit opulence


Veere Di Wedding blatantly claims 'I am not a chick flick'; is the disclaimer for those who consider it a brain-dead genre?

Why is a Kareena Kapoor Khan trolled for her apprehensions against marriage in Veere Di Wedding but a Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani isn't?


From tweeting to following 'due process', 2017's lessons on battling sexual harassment

The options seem bleak for survivors of sexual harassment, who will be victim-blamed and questioned, whether they choose to write anonymous blogs or approach the police | #YearInReview


Indian parents don't want their kids to read Agent Rana — but it's important to ask why

There needs to be a deeper exploration of what parents actually have a problem with when their children read stuff like Agent Rana – is it that they want to protect their children from the very concept of sex, or do they have a problem with the way genders are continuously (mis)represented in popular culture?


Pet peeve: We'll support indie artists, bands, movies — then why not indie dogs?

Despite conclusive proof that indie dogs are healthier, less fussy, and more intelligent than most purebreds, Indian high society just refuses to believe it. They’d rather spend tens of thousands shipping a St. Barnard in from the Alps (or so they’d have you believe; the breeder actually lives in Mira Road) than take in a mongrel.


It’s 2017; why are we still sending mails with the salutation, ‘Dear Sir’?

Has it not crossed people's minds that a 'Dear Sir' salutation excludes half the world and is a really annoying way for a woman to start her day?


The unbearable weight of the words: 'You can do it if you try'

How many times have heard that utterly idiotic phrase — “If you try hard enough, you can do it”?


Maharashtra's HSC Sociology textbook says 'ugly' girls' parents have to pay dowry: Why I'm not surprised

Educational institutions of Maharashtra, maybe instead of banning Such a Long Journey next time, put a check on the propaganda you’re selling in the form of textbooks?