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Kesavananda Bharati passes away: 40 years since he took on Kerala govt, a look back at landmark case

The idea that Parliament was a creature of the Constitution and draws its powers from it, is now well-established


Speculations on Jayant Sinha's demotion symptomatic of 'credentialitis'

Credentialitis stands for a vague and excessive regard for someone’s credentials, particularly their educational credentials.


Ratan Tata is in a hurry, working at a pace that says retirement is for wimps

Pottering around the Willingdon in retirement, is apparently not for this former chairman of the House of Tatas. This is a man in a hurry, working at a pace that says retirement is for wimps.


The review that wasn't: Forty years after Kesavananda Bharati vs the State of Kerala

In this two-part series, Firstpost looks at a landmark episode in Indian constitutional history, the Kesavananda Bharati case and its subsequent review, the 40th anniversary of which occurred recently. This part covers the controversial review that never was, and the legacy.


Forty years on: Review of Kesavananda Bharati versus the State of Kerala in Supreme Court

In this two part series, Firstpost looks at a landmark episode in Indian constitutional history, the Kesavananda Bharati case in Supreme Court and its subsequent review, the 40th anniversary of which occurred recently. In the first part, we examine the build up to the case and its political backdrop, together with the key protagonists. The second part which releases tomorrow, covers the controversial review that never was, and its legacy.


It's still Hillary Clinton vs The Clown Car in the US Primaries: Here's who the bookies prefer

At best, Hillary Clinton's run for the Democratic presidential nomination and the White House is losing some of its aura of inevitability.


Barbering tales: Mumbai's The Paris Kesh Kala Mandir can't be Truefitt and Hill but it is no less

Pity the ferengs don’t drop in at Paris and ask them to replicate the Truefitt cut and shave at one thirtieth of the cost.


Omar Sharif and Dr Zhivago: How the critics got it all wrong

Omar Sharif, who passed away last week, immortalised his acting career with his roles in Lawrence of Arabia and Dr Zhivago - the latter more than the former


Statistics as wish-fulfilment: Why the new GDP numbers are from La-La Land

India's new GDP series has been less than successful in silencing its critics. The numbers are simply not believable given the objective realities underlying the overall numbers


Modi's Swachh Bharat campaign: Maybe, tying it in with the Gita isn't a bad idea

The Indian psyche of keeping one's home clean but dumping the garbage outside has been the bane of civic life. Maybe, the Gita's exhortation to do one's duty and not bothering about someone else's duty could help here


Key lessons from Nokia's India exit: India isn't the best place to make things

Nokia's decision to come to India was as unusual, but it's exit is for very simple reasons.


Why Nokia won't 'Make in India'. Vietnam beckoned; the taxman and rupee pushed

Nokia's entry into large-scale manufacture of cell phone in Sriperumbudur was driven by labour cost arbitrage and very slim margins. A falling rupee and better logistics in Vietnam forced the decision


From ABCD to EFG: What PM Modi's US visit means to the Indian Americans

The ABCD Indian - the American Born Confused Desi is morphing into the American Born Confident Desi. Modi's visit to US is a coming out party for them.


BRIC by BRIC: The bloc where India and China will interact next

The BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - have little in common beyond a vague anti-Americanism and a desire to challenge the World Bank-IMF quota system. Is that enough?


Colbert's Goose: How FMCG companies are making a Jackass out of you

The big MNC and Indian FMCG companies are conning consumers by making the fineprint of pricing on their products difficult to decipher. You thus pay more for less, but you don't know it.


Realty prices can fall 25% if NOCs are done away with: The Objection to No Objection Certificates

What is needed is the reverse of the NOC system. In fact that is the practice everywhere in the world besides South Asia. The citizen, or entity, has to decide on a course of action within the framework of law and regulation, and the government bureaucracy given a defined length of time to raise its objection, if any.


Dear Irani, say you are self-taught and move on

This is not a country that produces self taught leaders or intellectuals with the mental toughness and self confidence to say they are self educated.


Gurbux Singh and the poppy fields of Flanders: Indians as cannon fodder in World War One

More Indians lost lives in World War I than in any other. Most of those who fought, like Gurbux Singh, went to war for economic reasons and life-long Pensions. Most of them were just cannon fodder in a war that had nothing to do with them


The finally unanswered question: Why did Rajat Gupta do it?

Gupta made it to the top in this world, a remarkable feat for someone off the boat, who had started his career in a different era.