Watch: Donald Trump's 'America First' policy gets fitting response from this Dutch video

The world was watching the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

When the 45th President of the United States exclaimed that, "From this moment on, it's going to be America First," people across the world got the message that Trump's rhetoric is going to be similar to  what it was when he was a presidential candidate. Which means that Trump's comments about Nato being "obsolete" still hold weight, similar to comments about building a wall, for example.

So Netherlands, part of the 28 member Nato collective, had reason to be worried about Trump's policies. So how do you reason with the likes of Donald Trump? How do you make Trump realise that 'America First' and 'Nato last' may damage your country and geopolitics in general? Well, you act like Trump! Or at least speak the way he does anyway.

In this viral video, Arjen Lubach, host of the show 'Zondag met Lubach', released quite the satirical masterpiece introducing Trump and his government to what The Netherlands is all about. "Because we realize it's better for us to get along, we decided to introduce our tiny country to him in a way that will probably appeal to him the most," Lubach explains before the video.

There were some yuge laughs in the video at the expense of both Netherlands and Trump. From the controversial 'Black Pete' tradition to introducing Trump to the Nederlanders' very own differently-abled leader Jetta Klijnsma, the video uses comedy and satire to throw light on the detrimental precedent that Trump's populist and nationalist rhetoric is setting.

After Aziz Ansari's Saturday Night Live monologue, we must argue that this is one of the best rebukes Trump has received in his presidency so far.

Watch the full video here:

Updated Date: Jan 25, 2017 13:27:21 IST