Video: Political scientist Benjamin Barber talks on environmental sustainability, terrorism and more

International affairs analyst David Devadas had a wide-ranging conversation with Benjamin Barber, the founder of the Parliament of Mayors project, covering a gamut of issues from environmental sustainability to terrorism, and from the breakdown of sovereignty to the prospects in next year’s US elections. A political scientist, Barber has been the Walt Whitman Emeritus Professor at Rutgers University and is currently a senior research scholar at the City University of New York.

His international bestseller, Jihad vs McWorld, has been published in 30 languages and he is preparing to launch its 20th edition next year. It examined the relationship between globalisation and insular tribalism. Barber’s more recent work, If Mayors Ruled the World, Dysfunctional Nations, Rising Cities has also been published in eight foreign editions. It focuses on ways in which cities are emerging as the locus of power and are connecting with each other beyond the frames of sovereign states in an increasingly globalised world. His next book, Cool Cities: Urban Sustainability in a Warming World, is to be published next year.

Updated Date: Dec 17, 2015 17:41 PM

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