US Election 2016: Donald Trump wins the presidency but fear of racism runs rife

White American men voted for a white American President. No back to back experiments. Over 70 percent of them, negating all other groups and bringing down the blue wall of the democrat stronghold.

US Election 2016: Donald Trump wins the presidency but fear of racism runs rife

US President-elect Donald Trump. Reuters

Women did not collectively feel that another woman would deliver and the sense of fear, suspicion and the naming of the enemy at the gate parcelled by Donald Trump had an impact on them. Experience counted for little.

Young Americans voted against the establishment and displayed national fatigue over the lies and half truths and the past two decades of politicians not doing their job. It was truly a vote against Washington.

So why not give it to a non-executive who has been a corporate success and let him run the country as a corporation. Can’t be worse.

Immigration and racism, two cousins bound at the hip, now have a Cyclopian malevolence about them. Is the evil eye going to spike hostility against all those who are of different hue or persuasion?

The divide has widened and the vote for ‘us’ against ‘the rest of ‘em’ also played a part. Fear is a key that might have opened locks during the campaign but cannot be used now to manipulate violence.

Unemployment and a promise to bring jobs back to America added to the sense of the ‘mum and apple pie’ folksiness that Trump puts on and the general vote pattern indicated that Americans want to think about themselves, like with charity let’s start all the good things at home.

With a captive House and Senate and a loaded Supreme Court, no president-elect has had it so good.

The conversational tone of the acceptance speech by Trump hit all the right notes but there was an underlying sense of threat and intent.

Meeting President Barack Obama whose nativity he questioned will be an awkward moment on Thursday but they are two grown men and they will handle it.

For Hillary Clinton and the Democrats a sense of shock. Whether it was Bernie Sanders, Anthony Weiner, FBI chief James Corey or just downright bad packaging all the other factors mentioned above added to her losing out. America in 2016 wanted something more compelling.

Much will depend on the frontline that Trump creates in his cabinet. Will he be able to harness talent and expertise and blend it with experience? Running a corporation you own is vitally different from running the government.

He will dismantle Obamacare come January. Whether this will earn him brownie points one does not know. But thousands will lose their cover.

Imposing levies on companies that reduce overheads by using cheap labour in other countries will not endear him to the private sector.

Most vitally, if he intends to build a wall ironically on the same day of his victory as that of the Berlin wall coming down in 1989 it will go down badly. Even Republicans do not want it.

His promise to upscale the war against IS is easier said than done.

But the real rub lies in removing the fear psychosis that currently envelopes the US. Between whites and Afro-Americans. Latinos. The Muslim communities. Asians. East Europeans. That today that miasma of uncertainty rises exponentially.

If this victory is misread as a licence to hurt and to incite prejudice the Trump era will never be triumphant.

Social platforms today reflect the concern of these demographic groups over their future. Incidents of racial violence cannot be allowed to occur.

By that taken his personal image must also be reinvented through mass media. He cannot be a maverick in The White House.

Perhaps his greatest strength is that he has never been in government so he has not preconceived ideas. If that ignorance bring bliss or disaster remains to be seen.

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Updated Date: Nov 09, 2016 18:02:35 IST

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