Now, do a Facebook Live 2-window chat with your friends !

It's finally here and we're super excited to share this with our readers! The effortless two window livestream on Facebook Live that lets you chat with a friend, colleague or just about any other person from any location on the planet instantly. Barely a year after Mark Zuckerberg opened up Facebook Live to the world, has rolled out an easy-as-pie variant of a Facebook plug-in that lets you do the stuff you always wanted to with your livestream - add descriptions, names and designations, headlines, quotes and you don't have to conduct a geek-out to crack this.

 Now, do a Facebook Live 2-window chat with your friends !

Screenshot of Firstpost beta test of FB two window

My colleague Parag Shinde and I went through the paces over the phone from Mumbai and New York, we've tested it and it works like a dream. In what's possibly a world-first bootstrap model two-window, the Firstpost New York bureau hooked up with debut author Ujwal Arkalgud in Toronto, Canada.

This comes at no extra cost or equipment except for the most basic tools - good internet, headphones and a laptop or smartphone. For the moment, gives you two options - you can either do a single person Q and A where you take questions from the audience and type out astons as your broadcast progresses or the other, more exciting option which we tried.

We jumped headlong into the two window with Ujwal Arkalgud. There's a 5-4-3-2-1 countdown before you're live, which is always a relief. Being tied in to the Facebook ecosystem, takes care of the posting on your FB page. The astons are designed in a warm red colour with a large white font and embedded geometrical motion designs floating within for a TV kind of feel. It's a clean two window that can move seamlessly into a picture in picture or full screen with zero transmission lag. All in all, this is the simplest and most efficient force multiplier to have debuted since Facebook Live was born. Just as the soul of Facebook Live is its raw simplicity, has plugged into just the thing we needed to superimpose our news fetish on the world's most most disruptive publishing platform -FB.

Go ahead and try it, chances are you'll be delighted! If you have any questions on this cool tech, tag @byniknat/ @firstpost on Twitter and we'll try and put our wrench to it!

Updated Date: Apr 11, 2017 15:59:43 IST