Donald Trump: Will Americans give the US President his 100-day honeymoon or simply hang him out to dry?

Millions of American women marched against Donald Trump and what they believe he stands for. In several cities, spewing pretty much the same sort of arbitrary venom and canned hostility they have ironically blamed him for displaying.

How are they any better? Trump didn't take a bazooka and hold the US to ransom, he won the vote. And if the Americans can't stop a hacker from messing about with their voting system what price their chances stopping a nuclear bomb.

For the sake of argument, let's accept that Trump has asked for it. He is personal, nasty, racist, hateful, mean-spirited.

Have you heard and read the comments of the people who marched and their sisters and brothers around the world, who believed that when they are slagging off the incumbent and fighting the good fight, it is for the good values enshrined in them.

 Donald Trump: Will Americans give the US President his 100-day honeymoon or simply hang him out to dry?

US President Donald Trump. File photo. AFP

All these comments are equally personal, nasty, racist, hateful and mean-spirited.

"Who is using the Trump family brain cell today?"

"His name is actually Donald Drumpf."
"Orange mophead. Fat man."

"The family looks like something morphed."

"Half of them must be members of the KKK. They look racist."

How many of us badmouthed his wife Melania from the comfort of our homes. Called her the wicked witch. Guessed how much cosmetic surgery she has had with ill-concealed glee. After all, they are public property, we can say what we like about them. We don't even know her. We did not even let the children off the hook.

Many of us making these personal remarks are not even Americans but it is okay to dissect the first family of that country with ugliness and then righteously condemn the new president for being crude.

How are so many of us any different? The news media was taking cheap shots during the inauguration.

Come on, where were most of these women on voting day and why didn't they ensure that Hillary Clinton romped home? Now, they are slamming stable doors after the horse has cantered off. The American people chose. Live with it and give the man a chance.

They are so hypocritical, they even put a picture of 10-year-old Barron Trump with his eyes closed claiming he was asleep during his father's speech. Some even accused the Trumps for bad parenting allowing the kid to stay up till 3 am on the night his dad becomes the President of the United States. Speak about dredging for insult.

There is a whole page of derisory labels for Trump. This is one sentence: "Donald Sissypants obviously does not believe in freedom of speech and dissent, since he demanded that the cast of Hamilton apologise to Mike Pence for making their thoughts and desires known. According to Little Donnie Whinydiaper, no one should ever disagree with or contradict his infallible wisdom ... or is it his infantile whiz-dumb?"

And these are some of the softer names they have called him: "The Tweet Twit, The Twitter Flitterbug, The Conspiracy Errorist, Puerile Thin-Skinned Crude 70-Year-Old Bombastic Huckster (Joe Klein), Capricious Authoritarian Monarch (Dan Rather), Super Callous Fragile Ego Extra Braggadocious."

Go read the muck of the trolls on the net. Against their vituperative written from the confines of anonymity, Trump comes off as a choirboy.

Will the Americans give him his 100-day honeymoon or simply hang him out to dry? You cannot logically expect him to carry the sins of the past on his back and do a good job. Let it go and stop being so pious.

None of us, Americans or non-Americans, who have spent inordinate amounts of time spewing hatred and making personal remarks really have the right to rabbit on and on.

Enough already.

Updated Date: Jan 22, 2017 17:57:15 IST