Did you know Harvard University has the largest billionaire alumni?

Private Ivy League Harvard University has the world'slargest pool of billionaire alumni according to the Wealth-X Global University Ultra High Net Worth Alumni Rankings.

With 52 billionaires having a total wealth of $205 billion, Harvard University tops the list, followed by University of Pennsylvania with 27 billionaires with a total wealth of $76 billion.

Ironically, of the top ten universities by the number of billionaire alumni, UK's Cambridge University is the only institution from outside of the US.

 Did you know Harvard University has the largest billionaire alumni?


The 206 billionaire graduates from these 10 universities have a combined net worth of $863 billion, which is eight times greater

than the combined endowments of their alma maters, the report added.

So basically, with so many billionaires, there is an invaluable opportunity for fundraising for these elite universities.

Ultra high net worth individuals have exhibited a greater interest in philanthropy, and education remains the top cause for major giving, defined as gifts worthUS$1 million and above.

Notable gifts from billionaires this year include those from Michael Bloomberg who donated US$350 million to John Hopkins University, Charlie Munger who pledged US$110 million to the University of Michigan, and Samuel Yin who donated US$100 million to the Tang Prize Foundation.

Updated Date: Dec 20, 2014 23:47:16 IST