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Blue Whale: The sinister, online game that is brainwashing teens into commiting suicide

A sinister, online game called "Blue Whale" is reportedly brainwashing teenagers into committing suicide, according to media reports.

The BBC reported that UK police have warned parents about this game which has reportedly spread its tentacles in Russia and caused the deaths of two teenagers.

Representational image: Reuters

Representational image: Reuters

The game purportedly begins with teenager being given a series of tasks to complete by an anonymous "master" over a period of 50 days.

In the beginning, the tasks are simple: Watching a scary movie—however, the tasks slowly escalate and become increasingly dangerous—the final one orders the teenager to commit suicide.

In the UK, the Hertfordshire Constabulary is advising parents "to be vigilant and monitor children's internet usage", and the Woodlands School in Basildon, Essex, reportedly sent parents a letter to educate them about this game, RT reported.

"There's no evidence to say anything untoward is going on with the blue whale challenge in our school, but we feel it's best to keep parents and carers informed," deputy head David Wright said. "We [want to] make sure they can help us. We've all got a duty of care for our young people."

RT reported that is is not clear if the game is an urban legend or a suicide cult. While it is unclear why the game is called "Blue Whale", the name is believed to refer to an act carried out by some blue whales who appear to beach themselves on purpose, causing their deaths.


Updated Date: Apr 29, 2017 21:01 PM

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