Wildlife Week 2019: Wildlife photographers that'll inspire you to pick up a camera and venture into the wild

Wildlife photographers are so very underrated considering the immense challenge of shooting in the wild.

Pictures speak a thousand words and clicking pictures of wildlife is no easy feat. Wildlife photography is an underrated art and skill. The patience needed to wait for the right shot, lugging around heavy camera equipment through the jungles and even putting themselves in harm's way to photograph wild animals, takes a lot of gumption and... you know.

Here is a list of wildlife photographers that'll inspire you to pick up a camera and venture into the wild yourself!

Ami Vitale

She's a photographer and filmmaker at National Geographic. Her Instagram is a curated experience of her travels in the African animal sanctuaries and the world over.

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Photo by @amivitale. I am thrilled to be running a PRINT SALE and SWEEPSTAKES for #WORLDELEPHANTDAY!! You have until August 12 (World Elephant Day) to pick up a print of THIS image in 4 different sizes printed by the fine art studio of @paperandinkstudio starting at $150 and for a donation of just $10, to enter to win a D5600 camera and two lenses from @NikonUSA, a @ThinkTankPhoto camera bag and a signed 20x30 print of this adorable image to support Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) in Kenya. Enter and buy a print at amivitale.com/elephants (Link in bio). @conservationorg @sandiegozoo @nrt_kenya @natgeo @natgeoimagecollection @thephotosociety #protectearth #conservation #earth #elephants #saveelephants #worthmorealive #stoppoaching #northernkenya #kenya #magicalkenya #photojournalism #amivitale #nikonusa #nikonlove #nikonnofilter #nikonambassador

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Daisy Gilardini

Gilardini is a Swiss photographer that is also an Ambassador for Greenpeace, Nikon, etc. Her photos show animals in action and in their natural habitats.




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Photo by @daisygilardini | There’s nothing better than playing with your sibling in a water pool on a hot summer day. Grizzly bears reach sexual maturity around 4-5 years of age. They are promiscuous when mating, so cubs in the same litter can have different fathers. Grizzly bears usually give birth to two cubs that will stay with their mother anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 years. The relationship between the siblings can last even after they’ve left their mother. They’re not aggressively territorial, so different bears’ home ranges often overlap. #Alaska #bear #grizzlybear #brownbear #LakeClarkNationalPark #fun #brotherhood #nikonswitzerland #nikonambassador @nikonswitzerland #lowepro #loweprobags #gitzoinspires #frametheextraordinary #framedongitzo @gitzoinspires #eizousa #visualizedoneizo #sandisk #westerndigital A post shared by Daisy Gilardini (@daisygilardini) on

Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen is the co-founder of sea Legacy and a marine life photographer. He and his partner Christine Mettimier capture the mesmerising beauty of life underwater. Nicklen's work is not limited to just the sea — he also has some stunning photographs of terrestrial wildlife.

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Today, we have an opportunity to stand up for 18 shark and ray species, including the endangered mako. If the world votes YES on adding makos to @CITES Appendix II, it could mean the difference between this shark's survival or its extinction. Mako sharks are hunted for their fins and meat, which are highly valuable on international markets. They often die as bycatch in long-line fisheries as well, and they're not alone. Humans kill 100 million sharks each year. These animals regulate the systems that ensure our ocean stays healthy and abundant. We cannot afford to lose them. Join me, @SeaLegacy, @CristinaMittermeier and @ShawnHeinrichs in #TurningTheTide for #makos. Support #CITES4Sharks; sign your name through the link in my bio; ask Canadian Ministers @jonathanwnv and @cathmckennaottcen to stand up for sharks and switch Canada's vote to “YES” -- protecting the mako and fulfilling their commitment to Canada’s role in environmental leadership. 📸: @ShawnHeinrichs With @shawnheinrichs @bluespherefoundation @vulcaninc @thewcs @sharkconservationfund @thelifeofrileynz

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Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting’s Instagram is an eclectic spread of bird and animal photography. His photos are postcards from his travels around the globe.




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Photo by @FransLanting Cheetahs like high vantage points where they can scan the landscape and consider their next moves. One day a young cheetah we’d been tracking in the Serengeti Plains on assignment for @natgeo bounded up on one of our vehicles as if it were a termite mound or a tree—favored lookout points for cheetahs. He showed no interest in @ChristineEckstrom and our guide. They felt no threat and moments later, the cat jumped down and continued on. The first rule in working with wild animals is to let them be so you can document them as they are. Follow us @ChristineEckstrom and @FransLanting for more wild encounters of the intimate kind. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #cheetah #wild #bigcats #serengeti #wildlifephotography #naturelovers A post shared by Frans Lanting (@franslanting) on

Kalyan Varma

An acclaimed wildlife photographer that works extensively with NatGeo, BBC and Netflix, Kalyan Varma's focus is largely on land animals and birds. Those aesthetic animal portraits really do leave little to be desired!





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Gelada Baboon from Semien Mountains in Ethiopia. . . #ethiopia #primates #portrait #africa


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Umeed Mistry

An Indian marine photographer, Umeed Mistry's photographs of marine life are simply stunning! In incredible, vivid and sharp images, he captures sea creatures you might not have seen before, both shoreside and deep sea.

Shaaz Jung

All it takes is a quick scroll through Shaaz Jung’s Instagram account to see how crazy-in-love the man is with big cats! Lions, panthers, leopards, you name it — big cats are his main muse. He doesn't shy away from showing the raw side of these wild cats and their beauty in action. (Can't help but wonder how some of them were even taken...?!)





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“Listen to those ghost birds sing from the nest in their grave” . Project Panther: @natgeo @natgeowild @russ_wildlife @shannon__wild @naintarajung @symbio_studios @jfcullum . . #wildlife #wildlifephotography #panther #natgeo #nikonasia #nikonmea #earthcapture #bbcearth #love #kabini #thebisonresort #safariwithshaaz #shaazjung


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Rathika Ramasamy

Rathika is an Indian wildlife photographer that appears to have all the feels for the avian species! Her pictures are vivid, vibrant and colourful — she's captured a diverse spread of birdlife in remarkable detail. Without a doubt, she fills a niche spot for bird lovers everywhere.

Shivang Mehta

Shivang is an Indian photographer and author. Once a media and PR professional, he ditched the corporate highway to pursue his love for wildlife and photography — and boy, does it show! When he isn't on the prowl for a shot, he also trains young and amateur photographers in wildlife photography.





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Chasing the Horizons. Introducing the chapters : Toddlers - Pre Order a copy of Chasing the Horizons now to witness some tender mother cub moments - Cheetahs, Lions, Leopards and of course Tigers! Launch at the NiF Festival on Aug 2nd. @naturein_focus #newbook #newbookalert #bookstagram #instabook #wildcats #wildlifeofinstagram #bigcats #bigcatsofinstagram #lion #lionking #lioncub #naturephotography #canonindia #canon #canonphoto #eosprofessional #columbiasportswear #awesome_photographers #animals #animalsofinstagram #animalelite


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NatGeo Wild

If none of the others so far have caught your fancy, don't you fret. Trusty Nat Geo Wild is sure to make the cut — a curated account of some of the best wildlife images ever taken. It showcases the best of the best, so if there's one account you follow, you've found it.

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