Apple WWDC 2017: iMac Pro, Siri Speaker, iOS 11 a new App Store and a lot more besides

A UI upgrade for iOS 11, new MacBooks, new iPads, and a new Siri speaker, find out which of these rumours are true in our live coverage of Apple's WWDC 2017.

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    • 01:01 (IST)

      That's a wrap.

      Thanks for following the blog. Do stay tuned for more updates and detailed information on the huge pile of news that Apple dumped on the world today.

    • 00:56 (IST)

      Michelle Obama will joining developers at WWDC tomorrow.

    • 00:53 (IST)

      HomePod will support HomeKit and Siri. Only communication sent to Siri via a "Hey Siri" activator will be sent anonymously to Apple. Prices start at $349. It'll hit global stores only next year, though you can grab it a little bit earlier in the US, UK and Australia.

    • 00:51 (IST)

      Apple #WWDC17 : @Apple #homepod uses spacial information to direct music in compact spaces.
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      — Tech2 (@tech2eets) June 5, 2017
    • 00:51 (IST)

      A single HomePod will use beam-forming and intelligence to determine the best way to play music. Multiple HomePods can do even better by working together.

    • 00:50 (IST)

      A single HomePod will use beam-forming and intelligence to determine the best way to play music. Multiple HomePods can do even better by wokring together.

    • 00:45 (IST)

      Surprise, surprise! It's not called the Siri  Speaker, it's called the HomePod. How did we not see this coming?

      The device is 7-inches tall, features multiple tweeters with beam-forming support and a 4-inch woofer.

      How would we describe it? A Mac Pro, but shorter and covered in acoustic mesh.

    • 00:43 (IST)

      Rather than make a speaker that you can talk to, but without great audio capabilities, Apple wants to make a great speaker. One that's loud, spatially aware and fun to use.

    • 00:40 (IST)

      Apple intends to reinvent home music.

    • 00:40 (IST)

      Is it the Siri Speaker?

    • 00:39 (IST)

      "One last thing", says Tim Cook

      He wants to talk about Music.

    • 00:37 (IST)

      iOS 11 is available as a free update today, and to beta users by the end of the month.

    • 00:33 (IST)

      Apple #WWDC17 : Drag and drop functionality added to #ipadpro2017 on #iOS11
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      — Tech2 (@tech2eets) June 5, 2017
    • 00:33 (IST)

      iOS 11 includes a new tool called Markup. Essentially, it'll let you markup screenshots, PDFs, Safari pages, etc.

      Notes will also understand your handwriting. It also includes a built-in document scanner that scans for perspective, etc.

    • 00:29 (IST)

      iOS 11 adds support for drag and drop. This applies to images and links as well.

      Drag and drop can be used across multiple background apps with the new multi-tasking gesture.

    • 00:27 (IST)

      Apple is introducing an app called Files. The app will consolidate all the files in your iPad.

    • 00:26 (IST)

      In iOS 11, the iPad gets a new dock. It seems to work a lot like the macOS dock, except that it's optimised for iPad.

      You can flick keys to add punctuation, etc.

    • 00:25 (IST)

      Apple #WWDC17 : Better base memory for #ipadpro2017
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      — Tech2 (@tech2eets) June 5, 2017
    • 00:24 (IST)

      The 10.5-inch iPad Pro and the 12.5-inch iPad Pro will both start with 64 GB of memory, going up to 512 GB. Prices start at $649.

      The devices ship next week.

    • 00:22 (IST)

      The new iPad Pro promises a 10-hour battery life.

      A 12 MP camera is included, the same unit as on the iPhone 7, says Apple.

    • 00:18 (IST)

      The refresh rate will vary as per the requirements, saving power.

      The new iPad Pro will be powered by an A10x, which apparently improves graphics performance by 40 percent.

    • 00:16 (IST)

      The iPad's display will support 120 Hz displays. This means that motion will be much smoother. The Apple iPad Pro will also respond better to Apple Pencil, in under 20 ms.

    • 00:15 (IST)

      The other bells and whistles, including P3 displays, true-tine lighting, etc., are all supported.

    • 00:14 (IST)

      ...and here's the new 10.5-inch iPad display.

      It's as we expected, featuring smaller bezels and support for a smart keyboard.

    • 00:11 (IST)

      Tim Cook is now talking about the iPad. 

    • 00:10 (IST)

      Wingnut AR's AR demo looks incredible. 

    • 00:07 (IST)

      Federighi is now demoing Pokemon Go with AR Kit. We must say, it certainly looks more fun in true AR.

    • 00:07 (IST)

      Apple's AR Kit looks very similar to Facebook's Camera Effects. It's exciting, but we've seen it before.

      Federighi claims it'll be, overnight, the largest AR platform in the world.

      This is a Facebook vs Apple battle that's just waiting to happen.

    • 00:04 (IST)

      Machine learning with CoreML, Apple's machine learning API, makes the iPhone 7 6 times faster than the Pixel at image recognition

    • 23:58 (IST)

      The new App Store is big news, but not as big as the announcement of Monument Valley 2

    • 23:56 (IST)

      Large cards with rounded edges are going to be in.

    • 23:56 (IST)

      The design language that was hinted at in the new Apple Music app, Apple News and TV will finally make it to the App Store.

    • 23:55 (IST)

      "We're going to do something that we've never done before. We're going to completely redesign it.", Schiller

    • 23:54 (IST)

      Schiller promises that apps will be approved at a faster rate. Phased releases are on track.

    • 23:52 (IST)

      Phil Schiller is here to talk about the App Store.

    • 23:51 (IST)

      Apple Music will now let you know what your friends are listening to.

      Developers get access to a MusicKit API, which gives developers access to your music library. 

    • 23:50 (IST)

      The developer API for AirPlay 2 will let third-party apps get in on the action.

    • 23:49 (IST)

      Apple Home Kit will get smarter, support multi-room audio via AirPlay 2, etc.

    • 23:48 (IST)

      Apple Car Play will determine when you're driving. Your phone's screen will go off and you won't see them even if you activate the screen. You'll have to specify that you're not driving for the system to work.

    • 23:46 (IST)

      You'll also see speed limits and lane guidance.

    • 23:46 (IST)

      Apple Maps will have detailed maps of malls, airports, etc.

    • 23:46 (IST)

      Apple Maps will have detailed maps of malls, airports, etc.

    • 23:45 (IST)

      Siri will pay more attention to your activity and make respond accordingly. As Craig explains, if you're planning a trip to Finland, the keyboard suggestions will also take Finnish words and places into account.

    • 23:43 (IST)

      Memories now uses machine learning to create videos that are smarter. 

    • 23:43 (IST)

      There are some interesting features that take advantage of the depth API, this includes long exposure which, say, blurs water.

    • 23:42 (IST)

      Live photos can finally be looped. Apple has learned the joy of the gif.

      Photos will let you loop and reverse live photos.

    • 23:41 (IST)

      Your lock screen and notification centre will be unified.

    • 23:41 (IST)

      Your lock screen and notification centre will be unified.

    • 23:40 (IST)

      The new Control Centre in iOS 11, looks...interesting. The functions are finally 3DTouch ready, so you can hard press on each and every one of them for more information.

    • 23:38 (IST)

      There's now going to be a depth API which will enable developers to play with depth via apps.

    Apple's annual developer conference is one of the most anticipated annual events in technology. There are a number of new announcements expected.

    The strongest rumours claim the launch of a Siri Speaker, Apple's answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The device is expected to work especially well with the Apple ecosystem, and devices that use Apple HomeKit. There is also rampant speculation of a number of new devices in the MacBook lineup, including new MacBook pros and MacBook Air. A bunch of new iPads are also expected to be unveiled at the event.

    There is also buzz about a UI facelift for iOS 11 as Apple wants to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of the original iPhone. Find out which of these rumours are true, and which are false, in the liveblog below.

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