Windows 10 Creators Update: Here are the top features of this year's biggest update

Got the new Windows 10 Creators Update? Here are the most prominent features that you should check out.

Microsoft has officially released the new Creators Update for Windows 10. The update has started to slowly roll out to all supported devices and offers a bunch of new features, apart from the usual bug fixes.

If you have got the latest update or are looking forward to update your PC, we have listed down the top features of the new Creators Update. So let's get on with it.

Game Mode

 Windows 10 Creators Update: Here are the top features of this years biggest update

This was a hot topic when early reports of the new update came out. It does exactly as the name suggests, improving the gaming experience in Windows 10. Once enabled, the CPU and GPU prioritise their resources for gaming. It is also said to give lower priority to other apps as well as background tasks so that they don't hog all the system resources. The Game Mode also comes with a streaming service called Beam lets you stream your gaming sessions online. Game mode may not offer a revolutionary improvement in game performance, but it does promise more consistent performance when enabled, particularly with UWP apps.

Night Light


Do you strain your eyes using your PC in the night? Now there is a special feature called 'Night Light' which adds a bluelight filter making the display warmer. This is similar to what we have on iOS devices and on some Android smartphones. Of course, you could just use f.lux. It can be set manually or for a specific time period.

Paint 3D


One of the highlights of the Creators Update is the focus on 3D designing. Now this isn't a high-end graphics designing app, Microsoft has simply revamped the Paint app. The new Paint 3D app will come built-in and gets a new design and of course new features. As it also supports touch, one can easily make 3D art and even export their creations and import from the Remix 3D community.

Microsoft Edge


Windows 10 has a really good browser and with the new update, Microsoft has made Edge even better. There is a new tab management system which lets you keep tabs on one side so you can use them later. This is neat if you tend to forget to save your web pages. There is also support for ebooks so you can download them from the Windows Store and read them directly on Edge. Microsoft has also tuned the browser to play 360-degree videos.

Windows Hello

Windows Hello, which lets you log into your system using your face or even a fingerprint, has also been upgraded in the new update. The scanning process is said to be faster so it recognises your face quickly. There is also a new setup process which shows how Windows Hello scans your face to detect your identity.

Dynamic Lock

This is a great addition to the OS as it automatically locks the PC in case you move away from your machine. You basically pair a device, like a smartphone or a wearable, via Bluetooth. Once that is done, Windows can automatically detect if the paired device is out of range and locks the PC.

Picture in Picture

The Creators Update finally brings in a new picture in picture mode. Now before you get excited, let us tell you that it is limited to Microsoft's Universal Windows Apps. The built-in Movies and TV app supports this feature and allows you to pop the window out while the video is playing. You can work on other apps and while watching content, however. While app support for the picture-in-picture mode is limited right now, developers are said to be working on updating their apps to support the new feature. if you don't like the Movies and TV app, just install VLC and enable "Always on Top" in the settings.

Let us know what you think about the new update.

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