This Nokia 3310 has survived 17 years of service and two wars, and it still gives 10 days of battery life

Dave Mitchell hasn’t replaced his phone in almost 17 years. No, we’re not pulling your leg and no, this is not a landline we’re talking about, it's the Nokia 3310.

When was the last time you replaced your phone? If you’re like the average person, you probably do that every two years or so. For a select few, you replace it once a year or even sooner.

Dave Mitchell, however, hasn’t replaced his phone in almost 17 years. No, we’re not pulling your leg and no, this is not a landline we’re talking about.

Mitchell bought his phone in the year 2000 (that was before some of you here were born, we’ll wager) and it accompanied him through two wars – Iraq and Afghanistan. The phone has been stamped on, washed in a washing machine and submerged in curry sauce. It’s also been dropped innumerable times.

And the best part? 17 years later, the phone still gives him 10 days of battery life!

“Each time I’ve just cleaned it up, dried it off, turned it on again and it’s worked. It’s like it’s made of kryptonite – it’s indestructible,” Mitchell tells The Sun.

“What is this fabled device?” you ask. Chants of “I want, I want” are already running through your head. But you already know the answer, you’ve already heard of this mobile phone legend.

Mitchell’s phone is none other than the *drum roll* legendary Nokia 3310.

The indestructible Nokia 3310

The indestructible Nokia 3310

17 years is a long time and we can’t think of even one other phone, barring maybe the Nokia 1100, that could have done the same.

Living with an internet-less smartphone in 2017 is the only challenge Dave faces with his 3310. He’s also mildly frustrated that he has to pay for data when he can’t use it.

While we’d tear our hair out in frustration if the internet conks off for even a second, Mitchell has the only game he’ll ever need, Snake. “If I’m bored and I’ve got a spare moment I have Snake on my phone. It’s a fantastic game,” he says.

Mitchell would like to keep the phone around as long as he can. Given its reputation, it’ll become a family heirloom in a few hundred years.

HMD Global is said to be preparing for a relaunch of the Nokia 3310, or at least, a phone that calls itself the 3310. Leaks suggest that the phone will be priced at around Rs 4,200, leading us to believe that we’re going to see a modern feature phone from the company.

It had better live up to its name.

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