Sony's new FES Watch U is no smartwatch, but is finally selling in Japan at $417

Remember Sony's unique e-ink display based FES Watch? Well now there is a new one and it has started selling in Japan. The new version called the FES Watch U, comes with a similar e-ink based display and now offers a variety of watch faces as well as band designs.

In terms of design you now get a metal bezel which may or may not attract customers, but it makes it look more refined.

The FES Watch U still offers limited functionality but there are some welcomed changes. There is a wider range of face designs which you can get from the companion app called FES Closet. According to the company, it will release new designs every month made by designers during this year. Probably the best update is the rechargeable battery that now lasts up to 3 weeks, the original came with button cells that required replacement every few years.

The FES Watch U can be purchased in Japan from Sony’s First Flight crowdfunding site starting today. It will be available in 'premium black' priced at 60,000 yen ($544), the regular steel finish with a black or white strap will be available for 46,000 yen ($417). While it does look a really hot product, there is a very low chance if Sony will be selling this outside of its hometown.

Updated Date: Jun 12, 2017 18:05 PM