Some Apple iPhone X OLED displays are showing a persistent green line on one edge, cause unknown

OLED displays might be the future of the display panel, but that doesn’t mean they’re perfect. One simply needs to look at Google and its Pixel 2 XL to figure out that making a good OLED panel isn’t easy.

A green line is appearing down the side of some iPhone X units. Image: MacRumours/Tmiles

A green line is appearing down the side of some iPhone X units. Image: MacRumors forum/Tmiles

Samsung, the only manufacturer with a vast experience in building OLED panels has also struggled with the technology. While OLEDs are great for contrast, colour, brightness and thickness, they’re not colour-accurate, hard to manufacture and suffer from colour shift and screen burn-in issues.

So far, the closest thing to a perfect OLED display has only come from Apple, though Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 isn’t that far behind on this front. Apple’s OLED display, seen on the iPhone X, is actually a Samsung-manufactured panel with some Apple-designed customisations. These customisations have ensured that the device is the most colour-accurate one on the market, but it’s still possible for the display to suffer from burn-in. Apple, in fact, released a statement saying that burn-in is always an issue but that they have taken steps to limit the issue. Colour-shift is a hardware problem that can’t yet be addressed.

Still, it’s not like Apple’s gotten away unscathed with its OLED display. Recent reports on Reddit and Apple forums, as pointed out by Engadget, indicate that some iPhone X units are displaying a prominent green line on the right side of the display.

TechCrunch speculates that faulty voltages at the edges of the display are responsible for the green line.

The issue does appear to be a hardware one and doesn’t appear to be widespread. It’s likely that Apple will simply replace affected phones while they’re under warranty. Given the iPhone X supply shortages, however, it's unlikely that you'll see a replacement unit anytime soon.

Updated Date: Nov 11, 2017 14:42 PM