Snapchat will now allow select users to make their own shows called Creator Shows

Snapchat also adds a "Highlight" feature for select users so that the posted video and images can stay on their page for a longer time.

We all spend at least some part of our day surfing on social media. This has made players in the space to face aggressive competition in order to get more and more engagement out of the users. So throwing its hat in the ring, Snapchat has come up with another interesting feature where users will be able to see a short series of famous Snapchat stars on the app itself.

According to Variety, Snapchat is launching its own Creator Shows where the company will bring big names like Serena Williams, Maddie Ziegler, Emma Chamberlain and GeeOhSnap to create content apart from the regular stories. Both Snapchat ads and commercials can appear on these Creator Shows.

These shows will appear on the Discover page of the app and will be based on topics like beauty, fitness, dance, fashion, and more. The aim of this feature is to get more followers for these Snapchat stars and influencers.

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Snapchat will now allow select users to make their own shows called Creator Shows

Snapchat weighing options to reveal identities of Snapchat users who make public posts. Image: Reuters

As per the company, Creator Shows will include Rules of Success with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a show where the former California governor and bodybuilder will give motivational advice; Throwback Toys with Jordyn Jones, a retro toy unboxing series; and Chasing Clout with Spencer Pratt, a show featuring the “pop culture oracle.”

Another feature that has been added to the app is a 'Highlights' option where the uploaded content will stay on the page for a longer time. This option will only be available for users who have an official account.

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