Nokia Threat Intelligence Report: Malware at all time high, IoT devices vulnerable as well

The latest Threat Intelligence Report released by Nokia says that mobile device malware infections are at an all-time high.

The latest Threat Intelligence Report released by Nokia says that mobile device malware infections are at an all-time high. Issued twice per year, the report also mentions that there has been a sharp increase in compromised smartphones and major IoT device security vulnerabilities.

There was an increase in mobile device infections through 2016 with 1.35 percent of all mobile devices in October struck by malware. There was also a surge of nearly 400 percent in smartphone malware attacks in 2016.

Considering all mobile devices, smartphones were the biggest targets in the second half of last year with 85 percent of total mobile device infections.

No rewards for guessing, but Android was the most infected OS considering it is the biggest mobile OS used worldwide. Even Apple devices running on iOS suffered attacks in the second half of the year mostly by Spyphone surveillance software which can track calls, text messages, social media applications, web searches, GPS locations and other more.

Apart from mobile devices, the report also revealed major vulnerabilities in IoT devices, highlighting the need for the industry to re-evaluate its IoT deployment strategies so that these devices are secured.

Kevin McNamee, head of the Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab, said, "The security of IoT devices has become a major concern. The Mirai botnet attacks last year demonstrated how thousands of unsecured IoT devices could easily be hijacked to launch crippling DDoS attacks. As the number and types of IoT devices continue to proliferate, the risks will only increase. Nokia's network-based security can help address this growing threat by detecting activity before a DDoS attack occurs, enabling service providers to take corrective actions that mitigate the impact."

The full report can be found here.

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