MWC 2017 Live: Samsung to announce Galaxy Tab S3 and more

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    • 00:48 (IST)

      That's a wrap...

    • 00:47 (IST)

      March 29, 2017. Mark your calendars for the Galaxy S8 !

    • 00:44 (IST)

      Oh boy, here comes a teaser for the Galaxy S8 !

    • 00:43 (IST)

    • 00:42 (IST)

       Gear VR with a controller 

    • 00:41 (IST)

      Samsung has 5 million Gear VR users worldwide

    • 00:40 (IST)

      Now its time for Gear VR

    • 00:39 (IST)

      Samsung Flow will allow a user on a Samsung tablet to reply to text messages without having to take out the phone

    • 00:38 (IST)

      The S-Pen and the keyboard will be bundled 

    • 00:37 (IST)

      Of course you get a keyboard with a pogo connector with 3 levels of backlighting

    • 00:35 (IST)

      Adobe has also partnered with Samsung, so yes, you can use Adobe software with the S-pen on the Galaxy Book 10 and Book 12

    • 00:35 (IST)

      S-Pen will be supported on Windows for the first time

    • 00:33 (IST)

      The Galaxy Book 10 and Book 12 will use Windows Hello and will be unlocked using a Samsung smartphone

    • 00:33 (IST)

      Microsoft had a tight collaboration to make the new Galaxy Book 10 and Book 12 

    • 00:30 (IST)

      Two USB C ports, upto 10 hours of battery

    • 00:29 (IST)

      The Galaxy Book series will be powered by Intel processors

    • 00:29 (IST)

      The 12-inch model will get 8GB RAM and 256GB storage

    • 00:28 (IST)

      The Book 10 comes with a full HD Super AMOLED panel

    • 00:27 (IST)

      Samsung Galaxy Book 10 and Book 12 are the new productivity tablets from the company

    • 00:25 (IST)

      Samsung tablet with Windows, an update to Tab Pro S?

    • 00:25 (IST)

      Samsung Book is up next

    • 00:23 (IST)

      Samsung has partnered with Staedler to offer a special pencil shaped variant

    • 00:21 (IST)

      The S-pen for the Galaxy Tab S3 will be bundled with the device

    • 00:20 (IST)

      New S-Pen comes to the tablet

    • 00:20 (IST)

      There is a nice looking keyboard cover, no charging, uses pogo connector

    • 00:19 (IST)

      12 hours of video playback !

    • 00:19 (IST)

      We just got the hint that the Galaxy S8 will be bundled with AKG based earphones

    • 00:18 (IST)

      Four speakers with AKG audio tech will offer great audio experience

    • 00:17 (IST)

      There is also a blue-light filter in case you like reading

    • 00:16 (IST)

      The display on the Tab S3 features HDR 

    • 00:16 (IST)

      The screen measures 9.7-inch, is a Super AMOLED and offers a resolution of 2048x1536

    • 00:15 (IST)

      The Galaxy Tab S3 will be powered by a Snapdragon 820 chip

    • 00:15 (IST)

      Weighs only 429gms, is slim and made of aluminium

    • 00:14 (IST)

      Here is the Tab S3

    • 00:13 (IST)

      First is the Galaxy Tab S3 !

    • 00:12 (IST)

      Samsung will announce two tablets today

    • 00:12 (IST)

      "Tablet of today shouldn't be just served as an alternative to a smartphone...but should be more versatile"

    • 00:11 (IST)

      Tablets have been used more than ever

    • 00:11 (IST)

      Finally, hardware time...

    • 00:10 (IST)

      Verizon will deploy 5G in the US with Samsung

    • 00:05 (IST)

      Samsung has collaborated with Verizon network in US

    • 00:05 (IST)

      Samsung has a joint press conference with Jio, could we see some announcement around 5G tomorrow? 

    • 00:04 (IST)

      Samsung will offer 5G based network router and receivers

    • 00:03 (IST)

      Samsung 5G Network Portfolio is official

    • 00:02 (IST)

      5G will be ultra fast- gigabit speeds

    • 00:01 (IST)

      We have invested heavily in 5G

    • 00:00 (IST)

      Samsung will discuss about 5G networks, hardware and VR

    • 23:59 (IST)

      "For best mobile experience, we need the best mobile network"

    • 23:58 (IST)

      "The last six months have been difficult in the history of our company"

    • 23:57 (IST)

      Lowes says that the company is going to be more serious about quality control

    It's the last big press conference for today but it is probably the most important one. Samsung is expected to make some big announcements in a few moments and reliable sources have confirmed that the Korean giant will announce the Galaxy Tab S3 which could be answer to Apple's iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro 4. The Tab S3 will be a flagship tablet with a keyboard cover, just like its rivals.

    The biggest announcement, hopefully, will be its new flagship smartphone duo, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. While we have quite a fair idea about how the handset will look like, a bunch of sources have said that Samsung might not announce the smartphone at today's event, but might just give a peek at the device. It could host a special 'Unpacked' event in March and make the smartphone available in April.

    That's not all, Samsung has another announcement on 28 February as it has partnered with Reliance Jio. We are not quite sure what the announcement will be, but it could be big.

    Stay tuned as we will be bringing all the action from today's press conference right here. The event will begin at 11.00PM IST...

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