Motorola is working on foldable phone, VP confirms, hints at clamshell dual-fold design

Motorola's VP suggests that the foldable phone might feature a clamshell, Razr-like foldable design

Rumours around Motorola’s foldable smartphone have long been circulating around. Reports since the past few months hinted heavily that the foldable phone might be introduced as a revamped Moto Razr, the super-sleek phone we saw in the early 2000s. But while Motorola was tight-lipped about the device, the company has now confirmed that it is indeed working on a foldable display smartphone.

Motorola is working on foldable phone, VP confirms, hints at clamshell dual-fold design

Motorola reveals that its foldable phone might have a clamshell-fold design. Image: Yanko Design (via Sarang Seth)

In an interview with Engadget, Motorola’s VP of Global Product Dan Dery shared some insight about the foldable phone’s development.

As per the report, the company began working on foldables “a long time ago” and that they have been doing a “lot of iteration.”

Derry hinted at the folding phone following the design that appeared in a leaked patent filing that appeared last month. The patent filing showed off a device with a dual-screen and flip design similar to the Moto Razr phone. Derry said that the 'screen-on-the-outside approach 'adopted by Huawei is the “nicest and purest way” to go, but given the outward fold design’s inherent fragility, he suggested that the clamshell-fold design would likely survive in the long run.

Concerned about the “scratching issues” he said that the company doesn’t have any intention of putting the display outside.

“When you know the scratching issues you would be facing, you will have something that is very rapidly not usable," Derry said.

Apparently, the clamshell folding design is not the only concept Motorola is looking into. As per the report the company is said to be exploring the possibility of a dual-hinge device with a single screen that will double fold, sort of like a Z-design. Referring to it as the “holy grail” of foldable design, Derry indicated that the Lenovo sub-brand wasn't the only one doing this and that two “very famous” companies are already “actively exploring the concept.”

While a report from The Wall Street Journal last month suggested that Motorola’s foldable phone could launch by the end of this month, Derry, however, refuting it said that the company has "no intention of coming later than everybody else in the market.” With Galaxy Fold releasing in April and Huawei’s Mate X launching in mid-2019, perhaps Motorola’s foldable phone might be showcased late summer.

Moto's VP of Global Product didn't share any other details regarding specs other than to give some insight on the calculated design choices the company is considering for its upcoming foldable device. Reports suggest that the phone might have an in-display fingerprint sensor and it could be made available at a price of $1,500.


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