Here are the Microsoft Surface Pro features that everyone is excited about

Microsoft announced the launch of the new Microsoft Surface Pro yesterday at an event in Shanghai, China.

Microsoft announced the launch of the new Microsoft Surface Pro yesterday at an event in Shanghai, China. The new Surface Pro changes the naming convention that the company had been following since the launch of the first Surface device in 2012. The new device should have been known as Microsoft Surface Pro 5 according, but instead is only known as the Microsoft Surface Pro.

The new Surface Pro is the latest device in the Surface lineup after the launch of Microsoft Surface Laptop, and joins the Surface lineup that includes the Surface Studio, and the Surface Book. The company has improved the device by adding 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processors in addition to redesigned internals.

The most important improvement that reaffirms Microsoft’s commitment to the surface brand is the improved battery life with estimated backup of up to 13.5 hours. The company claims that the latest device can give about 13.5 hours of battery backup, which, if true, marks about a 50 percent jump in battery life from Microsoft Surface Pro 4. In addition to the battery life, the new Surface Pro comes with a second generation hinge which will allow the device to be used in a ‘Studio’ angle at the 165-degree angle, same as the angle in Microsoft Surface Studio.

Lisa Eadicicco for Time points out that "Some of Microsoft's design choices with the new tablet are a sign that the company is aiming the device at the professional, creative and educational worlds."

 Here are the Microsoft Surface Pro features that everyone is excited about

The company has also improved the design of the processor by introducing a fan-less Core m3 and Core i5 designs, making them the quietest Surface Pro devices so far. The Core i7 version of the device will come with a fan to keep it cool under high temperatures.

"I didn’t realize how many fanless devices I use until I spent an hour playing Civilizations VI on a roaringly loud Surface Pro 4, so I’ll be curious to see how good the passive cooling on the new Surface Pro might be, and whether Microsoft will throttle performance to keep the device’s temperature down," says Alex Cranz for Gizmodo while taking about the new fan-less design. He went on to add, "To be sure, this isn’t a revolutionary redesign for he Surface Pro line. It’s a standard refresh. The faster chipsets and fanless design are welcome, but it would’ve been nice to see Microsoft embrace some more ambitious ideas this time around."

The second most important component that Microsoft improved on is the new Surface Pen with improvements in the pressure sensitivity of the pen with up to 4096 levels, reduction of activation force and ‘Tilt’ feature which detects the angle of the pen. The ‘Tilt’ feature is essential for artists as it enables shading and increases accuracy while inking. The pen will not come bundled with the new Surface Pro. Instead, it will be sold separately for $99 (roughly Rs 6,418). The new Surface Dial can now be used with the Surface Pro.

Last but not the least, the company is also offering LTE versions of the new device available from later this year. Chris Matyszczyk from CNET states, "The computer itself is, indeed, a small step. The mood Microsoft is setting, however, is allowing small steps to accumulate into one big one." He continues to elaborate the point that Microsoft is following a mature approach to gain credibility by adding, "Credibility is hard to achieve, especially after years of losing so much ground. This presentation, however, is another step in a very credible direction. Especially when Apple's attempts to boost its laptop offerings have been, well, a touch labored."

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