Evernote 5 released for iOS devices

Earlier this month, through a blog post, Evernote showcased a preview of its forthcoming Evernote application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This

Earlier this month, through a blog post, Evernote showcased a preview of its forthcoming Evernote application for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This application has now gone online and is available for download from iTunes and according to the developers it can be used with the recently launched iPad mini as well.

In an announcement, the developers state that the goal with the redesign was simple and the aim was to make all the major functions accessible with two taps. They state that this update is useful for those who need to take down notes quickly as well as those who are diligent organisers.

Evernote 5 released for iOS devices

Compeletely redesigned with new features


The developers of Evernote 5 have listed out where the changes can be found. Here is a quick look at some of the updated features:


  • The Home Screen – Evernote 5 allows a user to let a person create a new note or browse to an existing one with equal speed. To enable this, they have divided the screen into two sections which are Quick Notes and Views.
  • Quick Note Buttons – Located at the top of the app, these buttons allow a user to create a new text note, start a snapshot or digitize physical documents with Page Camera. The developers state that they have made the buttons large so that it is easy to tap.
  • Views – Under the Quick Note buttons, there are the Views where each is designed to help a user get to their notes in the way that works best for them. With this new design, they’ve found a way to cater to everyone’s needs. Tap or swipe the green bar of a View to expand it to full screen, do the same to return to the home screen.

The Views feature includes–

  • All Note Views - The default All Notes look features a cards layout. The cards highlight the content of the note, giving a user an amount of information before you tap. On the iPhone, if a user prefers a different layout, swipe down from the top of the list to expose the sorting and search options. A user can choose the classic snippets layout, as well as a different sort order. Beside the layout options, there is also the search bar.
  • Notebooks View – The developers claim that the redesigned notebook list is a huge improvement over previous versions of Evernote. It brings all of a user’s notebooks and those shared with them by others into a single list. One can scroll the list to find notes relating to a school or work project managed by someone else just as quickly and easily as you would find their own content. The Notebook Stacks feature is displayed as a wrapped grouping of books.
  • Tag View – A user’s tags are displayed in a list sorted alphabetically or by note count. A user can change the sort order by pulling down on the list to expose the sorting options. Tags can also be found from the tag search bar.
  • Places View – If a user has location enabled, then every note they create on their iPhone or iPad in Evernote, Evernote Food, and Evernote Hello include location info. One can easily view all those notes on a map.
  • Premium Feature View – The developers of Evernote 5 claim that though the app is completely free, they do offer additional features as part of Evernote Premium. Premium users can manage their Premium features from this View. These Premium features include the ability to download notebooks for access any time, PIN lock and more.

iPad Recent Notes - This horizontally scrolling list shows a user the last several notes that your viewed, edited and created on the iPad. Recent notes are ideal for taking notes in a meeting, then looking something else up, then returning to the note you were editing.

To know more about Evernote 5, check out the What’s New section here and to better understand how to use this app, one can click here to view the Getting Started Guide. To download Evernote 5 for your iOS device, click here.

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