E3 2017: God of War turns Dad of War in the latest gameplay trailer for Sony’s blockbuster franchise

Yet again, Sony gave us a glimpse of God of War, and that’s all it was, a glimpse.

We were given a short glimpse of the new God of War game at E3 2016 last year, and this year was no different. Yet again, Sony gave us a glimpse of God of War, and that’s all it was, a glimpse. We’re dying to try out the game for ourselves but Sony is insisting that it can’t push the game into the hand of eager gamers until “early 2018.”

We’ll have to make do with the trailer for now, and the lucky few on the E3 show floor might end up with some hands-on time with a demo.

The trailer builds on what we saw last year, but places more emphasis on the father-son bonding between Kratos and Atreus. In the course of the trailer, Kratos fights, skewers, dismembers and hacks hordes of baddies, with son lending a helping hand. The father-son duo also spend a large portion of the trailer at sea in a boat, navigating the seas, hanging on for dear life and struggling to keep afloat in stormy seas. They’re also seen scrabbling up a cliff-face together, with Atreus attached to daddy’s neck like a monkey to a warthog. Oh, and they also bump into a massive sea serpent that can apparently talk to Atreus but not Kratos.

And did we mention the fact that Atreus apparently has some sort of dark secret?

As The Verge suggests, the new God of War game definitely seems to be done with the Greek side of things, focussing on Norse mythology instead.

But hey, Kratos will be back and he will be slaughtering baddies with his trademark brutality. Whether the monsters are taken from the pages of Greek mythology or Norse, does it really matter in the end?

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