Confirmed: OnePlus 2 will not get Android Nougat firmware update

While OnePlus had earlier suggested that Android Nougat may be coming to the two year old OnePlus 2 smartphone, the company confirmed today that it will not be receiving the big update. In a move that could see some fans move away from the brand, OnePlus reportedly confirmed that its 2015 flagship will not be getting upgraded to Google's current Android Nougat software. Instead, OnePlus 2 owners will have to stay happy with Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The news comes from Android Authority that confirmed the same from the Chinese smartphone maker's  customer service department.

OnePlus seemed pretty confident about its move, which is a bit odd as the handset is barely 2 years old.

"When we built the OnePlus 2 we didn't have the software infrastructure team in place we do now," said the report.

In comparison, Apple's iPhone 5S that was announced four years ago, will still qualify for the latest iOS 11 update that will roll out in September this year.

This is not the first time OnePlus has failed to deliver updates. Not too long ago, OnePlus killed its budget OnePlus X lineup. The OnePlus X too suffered the same fate initially as the company failed to deliver software updates to the same. Oddly, the news about the culling of the X lineup came on the same day as the OnePlus 3 announcement.

Updated Date: Jun 13, 2017 18:50 PM