Blekko's Teaming Up With Flipboard for RSS Search

Users can browse for new subscriptions using keywords.

Alternative 'slasher' search engine, Blekko has tied up with iPad magazine reader, Flipboard for RSS searches. An announcement was made this morning that users looking for new content to subscribe to within Flipboard can search using keywords. The content will be delivered from RSS feeds. The layout of the RSS feed will be very different from say, Google Reader's which is very inbox-like. The feeds will be available in a more 'attractive' format in Flipboard.

Blekko's Teaming Up With Flipboard for RSS Search

Blekko allows you to search for keywords in Flipboard for RSS




This isn't the first time Flipboard's tied up for an RSS feed. It had already added Google Reader which was a system that assumed users already had their RSS feeds set up and just needed to access them on their iPads. With blekko, however, users just need to know what content they would like to see and perform a simple search. The Blekko integration is live in Flipboard's iPad application.

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