Apple's new 'Your Verse' ads: Is the iPad Air too good for regular folks?

Apple released two brand new TV commercials to boost sales and enlighten its users and loyalists about the ways an iPad can be used.


The commercials focus on two different professionals with different needs from their iPads. The new spots build on the 'Your Verse' theme that Apple has used to promote the iPad Air so far.


The first TVC features music composer Essa-Pekka Salonen who is the principal conductor of the Philharmonica Orchestra in London and Conductor Laureate of the LA Philharmonica. Essa-Pekka uses ‘The Orchestra’ app to create his pieces. The commercial revolves around the idea of the iPad forming the missing link between the old and the new world. He is shown to be at different picturesque locations around the world, typical of most Apple commercials, working on his iPad and constantly making additions to his composition as the minute-long spot continues.


The commercial is an attempt of showcasing how even the most niche users can use the iPad for work, thanks to the strong app ecosystem. Many people are still lost as to what the exact use for an iPad or a tablet is, and with these commercials Apple hopes to give its users some direction. Well, as long as you are musically-inclined.


The commercial, just like the second one, doesn't provide enough direction for everyday users who may not be world-class composers, but are still addicted to their iPads. It fails to establish what average Joes with regular 9-to-5 jobs can do with an iPad. Sure, it's great if you are a composer. The second spot is similar.



This one features Cherie King, a travel writer who uses a wide range of apps and features of the iPad for navigation, photography, communication, translation and writing. The usage of picturesque locations for this particular commercial makes sense as the subject is a travel writer.


The new spots beg the question as to why Apple would use subjects with such 'exotic' job profiles. It's a well-established fact by now about how iPads can be used to make music or finish writing work. Musicians, artists and writers have known for about two years how great an iPad is for their work because that's how Apple has been promoting it for years.


With the iPad Air, Apple is trying hard to drive in the 'Your Verse' point, saying an iPad fits your world seamlessly, whatever it may be. But what about people who hold regular jobs and still own iPads, such as store clerks, nurses or even housewives? Perhaps Apple doesn't think it's cool to be just playing Candy Crush Saga or surfing Facebook, because, generally speaking, that is what most users do with their mobile devices. In any case, if you had any doubts that an iPad is enough to compose music or be a travel writer, Apple's new ads could settle the debate.

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