Apple iPhone X launch: Here are the 10 most exciting rumours surrounding the tenth anniversary smartphone

With Apple’s X anniversary iPhone mere hours from launch, we thought it would be a great time to compile the most exciting rumours surrounding the device.

With Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone mere hours away from launch, we thought it would be a great time to compile the most exciting rumours surrounding the device.

The tenth anniversary iPhone is expected to launch tonight

The tenth anniversary iPhone is expected to launch tonight

The tenth anniversary iPhone will possibly be called the iPhone X and is likely to be a limited edition phone with an astronomical price tag and never before seen features, on an iPhone anyway.

As with all Apple launches, news of leaks and rumours have been pouring in from all over, and while some of them are more credible than most, nothing is confirmed till we see it on stage at the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park.

Without any further ado, here are the ten most exciting rumours surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone:

I. Face ID: From what we gather, Face ID is only a thing because Apple couldn’t perfect the under-the-display fingerprint scanning technology that it hoped to debut on the iPhone X. Face ID is the next best thing, and if Apple perfects its implementation, it might even be better than Touch ID for unlocking the iPhone.

Noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that Face ID requires a total of four sensors. These sensors include an infrared laser (IR) and receiver, both of which will work with a proximity sensor and a front facing camera to create a 3D map of your face. This map will be used to unlock the device.


If it works, one would simply have to look at the device to unlock it, and unlike Samsung’s Iris scanner, people with glasses need not fret. It’s also unlikely that it will work only at select angles, as Iris scanner does on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Notably, the use of an IR laser means that Face ID can even be used in the dark. If Face ID were to work as well as we hope it would, the hassle of unlocking the device with sweaty, sticky or gloved fingers should be a thing of the past.

II. Bezel-less display: Yes, devices like the Mi Mix and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge brought bezel-less displays to market before Apple did, but Apple is at least catching up. Our biggest complaint with the iPhone these past few years is that it’s simply too big for the screen real-estate on offer. A larger, bezel-less display not only means more viewing area, but also a smaller form factor.

Apple iPhone 8 render. iDrop News, Benjamin Geskin

Apple iPhone 8 render. iDrop News, Benjamin Geskin

Unlike Samsung’s Infinity display that curves way too much, distorting light, Apple’s display appears to be flatter, translating to more usable area, as on the Mi Mix.

III. Wireless charging: We have no idea why it took Apple so long to even consider putting this feature in. For a company that so courageously shed the headphone jack and the “hassle” of cables, using a wired charging cable seems so archaic. Now wireless charging on the iPhone is still only a rumour, but it is a credible one and we’re looking forward to dumping our “obsolete” Lightning cables for a possibly more expensive, less efficient charging standard. But hey, no more cables, right?

IV. Larger battery: Phew! Finally, an iPhone with a battery larger than 2,800 mAh might actually be arriving today. At a time when we look down on Android devices with less than 3,500 mAh batteries (looking at you, Note 8), Apple’s stubborn refusal to pack a larger battery into its iPhones has been frustrating. Granted, iOS is incredibly efficient when compared to Android (to be fair, Android is catching up, and may have already surpassed Apple), but this is 2017 and we’re doing so much more with our devices these days.

V. Apple A11 chip: Rumoured to be a 6-core chip, the Apple A11 is expected to feature a multi-layer transistor technology that makes the chip much denser per unit area. The denser chip also means that it’s smaller and the larger battery can be attributed to this smaller chip. The two additional cores should also result in improved multi-tasking performance and even better battery life.

VI. True-Tone Display: What’s the point of a thoroughly calibrated OLED display if the white balance on the images seems off, right? To fix that, it’s expected that Apple will toss in a colour sensor that will be used to calibrate the white balance of the iPhone X’ display unit a la iPad Pro. How is that not a good thing?

VII. OLED display: Apple’s expected adoption of organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology could be the best thing to happen to the iPhone since the proverbial sliced bread. OLED tech means that the display can contribute to yet more battery life, offer the highest possible contrast ratio (nobody can argue with infinity) and an always-on display. If iOS is properly optimised for it, an OLED display could translate into an entirely new type of notification system. The iPhone will finally offer something in lieu of the missing notification LED.

VIII. AR: Augmented Reality is a thing now and It behoves any self-respecting smartphone maker to support AR in any way they can. Apple already launched AR Kit with support for AR applications using the rear, dual-camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus. Single camera units can also be used for AR work, but their depth-sensing abilities are limited. Apple’s front camera with Face ID could very well offer the most compelling front camera AR experience yet.  

IX. Animated Emoji: Text-based emojis were cool, but now images and gifs are cooler. Apple, in all its wisdom, has apparently sought to take things even further by offer by offering animated, 3D emoji. Better yet, imagine the potential for creating 3D emojis with your actual face!

X. $1,000 price tag: You know that old adage, “money doesn’t buy happiness”. Well, in Apple’s world, it does. The iPhone X or iPhone Edition or whatever else the tenth anniversary iPhone will be called promises to be the most awesome iPhone yet made. Better still, its production is expected to be at an all-time low, so you know that demand is going to be high. Add to this the rumoured $1,000 price tag and the usual delays to getting the device in India and you can easily expect the new device to hit the Rs 1,00,000 mark here.

But hey, if you have the money to burn — or a kidney to spare — why wouldn’t you want to buy one of the most exclusive iPhones yet made?

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