Apple could include drag and drop on the iPhone very soon

The drag and drop feature was said to be limited to apps on the iPad, however, it is available on the iPhone as well, only that it is disabled by Apple.

Apple announced their drag-and-drop functionality in iOS 11 at the WWDC keynote last Monday. The disappointment to many was that the feature was limited to apps on the iPad, however, The Verge reported today that 'drag and drop' is available on the iPhone as well, only that it is disabled by Apple.

The system setting which let users enable the feature on the iPhone is hidden from the user. For the uninitiated, Apple's new drag and drop feature in iOS 11 allows users to drag items such as pictures and links from one app to the other seamlessly, breathing new life in terms of functionality to the iPad lineup.

It took developer Steve Troughton-Smith only about a week to find the feature hidden in the iOS 11's beta for developers. Smith was quick to point its shortcomings as well, like on the iPhone, the drag and drops are constrained to moving objects around within an app. This could turn out to be a major omission from Apple as a new feature that is yet to see its limits pushed, restraining its development, at least for now.

In a video posted by the developer he does mention that if the next iPhone has a software home button, it might make drag and drop possible. The company could change its decision though by the time a stable build of iOS 11 is released. This would be September, where Apple holds an event to launch its new iPhone range every year.

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