20,000 vehicles secured with Trak N Tell telematics system on Indian roads

Vehicle telematics technology startup Trak N Tell on Tuesday announced that it has secured over 20,000 vehicles on Indian roads with its telematics system. Telematics is a method of monitoring a vehicle.

Telematics is a method of monitoring a vehicle. It combines a GPS system with onboard diagnostics to record and map exactly where a vehicle is and how fast it's travelling and cross reference that with how a car is behaving internally.

"More than the numbers, we are delighted to see the increasing awareness on vehicle telematics. With the increasing number of threats on the road and car theft cases, the need of vehicle intelligence is increasing by the day," said Pranshu Gupta, Founder and CEO, Trak N Tell, in a statement. The startup has equipped integrated telematics systems in vehicles all across India.

Internationally, its devices are being used in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Rwanda and the US. By incorporating features like Impact Alert Calling, Real-Time tracking, Panic Button, and Over-speeding alerts, the company hopes to create an ecosystem which makes vehicles secure and promotes responsible driving.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is also planning to launch two mobile apps — m-Parivahan and e-challan —to increase the safety on the roads



Updated Date: Jun 14, 2017 06:44 AM