Watch: Sony teases four new Monsters from 'Horizon: Zero Dawn', and they certainly are epic

Horizon: Zero Dawn, an upcoming action role-playing game (ARPG) from Guerrilla games is slated for a 28 February release.

Horizon: Zero Dawn, an upcoming action role-playing game (ARPG) from Guerrilla games is slated for a 28 February release. Ahead of its launch, Sony has released a number of trailers that show off the game’s scary robot 'Monsters'.

The game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive as it’s being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and so, is unlikely to come on PC. The setting of the story is a tried and tested post-apocalyptic one, but rather than an undead horde of zombies, you’re pitted against a landscape ruled by robotic creatures. These creatures are simply, and unimaginatively, called ‘Machines.’ Think Skyrim, but with robots.

We’ll call them robot dinos, because that’s exactly what they look like.

You play the role of Ally, a hunter and archer and take her through this futuristic lost world. Her main purpose isn’t yet clear, but she’ll have the ability to hunt these dings with various tools, ‘hack’ them so as to control them and so on.

Sony has revealed details on four of these ‘Machines’.

Behemoth: All terrain transport

This massive unit is a 4-legged beast that appears to be a transport unit of sorts. This Machine looks like some kind of robotic buffalo and even travels in herds. The teaser suggests that you can hack this unit and use it for transport.

Stormbird: Air superiority

This winged beast seems a lot like the dragons from Skyrim, but keeping with dino theme, we expect that it was modelled after a pterodactyl. This monster is meant for combat and features a number of weapons that you can use once it’s hacked.

Snapmaw: A robotic alligator

This one appears to be modelled after a crocodile, especially as its restricted to water regions. The game has classified it as an ‘acquisition’ type unit with a special ability that lets it process resources. Since we don’t know much about the game we don’t know why you’ll need it to process resources. But hey, it certainly sounds useful.

Thunderjaw: A laser-toting T-Rex

A tyrannosaurus-rex, that’s what this is. With massive hind-legs, tiny front legs and a huge head, there’s nothing else it could be. Judging by the video, this beast packs in machine guns, lasers, a radar scan and more. It’s a true ground-based tank and easily my favourite unit here.

The game’s developers do claim that there are at least 25 different robot types in the game. I wonder what the rest of them do.

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