Tencent all but confirms the release of Fortnite for Android on 24 July in China

PUBG is available both for Android and iOS, while Fortnite is currently restricted to iOS.

Fortnite and PUBG, the battle between what are currently the two most popular multiplayer games on the planet has been a heated one for quite some time. However, Fortnite, which shot to fame after copying PUBG's Battle Royale format, has left the latter far behind, at least in terms of revenue.

Tencent all but confirms the release of Fortnite for Android on 24 July in China


While PUBG is available both on Android and iOS, Fortnite for mobile is currently only restricted to iOS. Now it looks like we have a clear date when we can expect Fortnite to make way on Android as well.

As per a tweet by Chinese conglomerate Tencent, it would seem that the game is coming out this month. The tweet reads "Fortnite, wow! It's coming." along with a picture of a calendar showing the date 24 July, which is presumably the date on which Fortnite will launch on Android. Now notice that the image has the logo of Tencent Wegames, which happens to be in China, so we can assume that the game will first be released there.

In more recent news concerning Fornite, the game was announced on the Nintendo Switch at Nintendo's E3 press conference on 12 June and it seems that this is the next step for cross-platform Fortnite sessions.

Fortnite is an online-only multiplayer third-person shooter game with a very popular Battle Royale mode. In this mode, 100 players are dropped onto a map and your objective is to kill the remaining players to win the game. You can also form squads of up to four players each and win the game as a team.