Tech2.Games S01E04: One year of Overwatch, a new giant robot, and unlocked frame rates

Tech2.Games is your weekly dose of all things gaming. This time we talk about co-op gaming, loot boxes and the fact that PC-gaming is not dead.

After a brief hiatus, we are back, it would seem, at a time when everyone is a semi-qualified networking specialist. Destiny 2’s lack of dedicated servers has been a big talking point among its community, and rightly so—the first game was plagued by the appropriately named “red bar warriors” in PvP, and with a PC version incoming this time around, there are fears of cheating running rampant (as with Ubisoft’s The Division).

In other news, Far Cry 5 is all set to be revealed this Friday, 25 May, and has been confirmed to be set in the wonderful American state of Montana. Turn the clock back/forward (or pause for all eternity as the case may be), the inevitable Red Dead Redemption 2 delay was announced, adding another trophy to the Rockstar Games’ Trophy Cabinet of Delayed Games—you will find Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis conspicuously (and ironically) absent. You could give out a trophy to most of the stories to follow, however.

Titanfall 2’s new DLC “Monarch’s Reign” gets a release date

In yet another attempt to raise interest in one of last year’s best shooters, Respawn Entertainment continues its run of free downloadable content for the game. Monarch’s Reign is aptly named after the new free Titan, the Monarch, a new execution, a remastered version of the “Relic” map from the first Titanfall, new Prime Ronin and Tone Titans, and a juicy throwback soundtrack which really sets the tone for all of the new stuff (you can listen to it for free on soundcloud).

The star of Monarch Reign is undoubtedly the new Monarch Titan. Developer Respawn Entertainment’s most recent blog post seems to indicate that the Monarch is likely to fill a sort of support role with its “impressive ability to draw power from enemy Titans to recharge her own shields, or the shields of her friendly Titans”. The trailer seems to indicate an interesting execution as well. Monarch Reigns drops on May 30th.

No longer constrained by hardware, Vanquish has been truly unleashed on PC

This is the port you’ve been waiting for. PlatinumGames, SEGA and Little Stone Software (who ported SEGA’s Valkyria Chronicles to PC) seem to have outdone themselves with this one. With an unlocked frame rate, 4K support and PC-specific graphics settings, this is the version of Vanquish that everybody deserves.

It’s not necessarily entirely brilliant, however. The cutscenes are still capped at 30 frames and get a bit jittery, while some of the design can feel dated. However, everyone knows that style points are all that matter, boy does Vanquish deliver. You can grab a copy now on Steam for the reasonable price of Rs 665.

Destiny 2 looks amazing or hugely disappointing depending on whom you talk to

Subjectivity aside, one thing is for sure: Destiny 2’s reveal event was a big deal. Aside from an infosplosion (if you hate this word, I’m sorry), the PC version received some extremely positive feedback—the stations on show sported good hardware, running the game at 4K/60fps. PC players proceeded to lose it further when Blizzard Entertainment President/co-founder Mike Morhaime came on screen and announced that Destiny 2 would be on Blizzard’s platform exclusively. All this only for all hopes to be crushed with one swift blow. The PC is going to be delayed, and will not meet the September 8th launch date as the console versions.

It looks like Destiny 2 will not stray too far from the formula of the first game. Lots of shooting and looting, and endgame content in the form of a Raid. However, Bungie is expanding on its patrol systems, promising lots of new activities including loot caches and dungeons. If you’re a solo player who either missed out on the first game’s best content (i.e., the Raids) or had to resort to looking for groups online, the new “Guided Games” feature looks to be something you will appreciate—this makes it easy for those playing alone to find clans and groups for high-level activities such as Raids and PvP content like Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris.

Castlevania Netflix series gets a teaser

It appears that vengeance is best served via cartridge on an 8-bit video game console connected to a CRT television set. Netflix’s Castlevania has been in production for a while and recently released a teaser for the series earlier this week. Producer Adi Shankar (the same guy behind this gritty Power Rangers short featuring Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff) has used hyphenated terms such as “super-violent” and “hard-hitting” to describe the anime style Netflix series.

The plot is based on the video game series of the same name and follows a member of the disgraced Belmont clan as he tries to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hands of Dracula. The series will premiere July 7th on Netflix.

Overwatch turns one, anniversary event brings lots of new cosmetics and more

It’s been a year already? Eleven new skins, 24 emotes, stickers and three new arena maps (Necropolis, Castillo and Black Forest for the game’s 3 v 3 elimination game type) commemorated the birthing of Blizzard’s team based shooter.

Lots of balance changes, UI and quality of life improvements accompany the cosmetic items and new content. “Anniversary” will be a limited time event, and it’s unlikely that you will be able to grind for all the loot, so free up your credit card limit and get ready to throw money at your monitor.


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