Console Wars: PS4 and Xbox One be damned, I’m getting myself a Nintendo Switch this year

Game consoles are meant to be family friendly and fun, and that's exactly what Nintendo has captured in the Switch, and that's why I want it so badly.

I think it’s time I made a small confession. As a lifelong member of the #PCMasterRace, I’ve always looked down on #ConsolePeasants and their piddly little game consoles.

Why would you buy a console when the same games are available on PC and when those same games simply play better on PC? And Keyboard/mouse FTW, right?

I get the appeal of a console, the “simplicity” of it, the comfort of just firing it up and playing a game. I also like many of the console-exclusive games that do the rounds, games like Halo, Uncharted and God of War, and don’t even get me started on Bloodborne. If I didn’t know better, I’d have a console already. But these are minor quibbles.

I don’t want to spend Rs 40,000 on a PS4 Pro just to play a handful of games. I have a proper PC for that (Intel Core i7 6700K, GTX 970, 16GB RAM, an 840 Samsung Evo SSD, 8TB of storage, why would I want a console?). My Steam library consists of over 500 games, my Origin and UPlay libraries also hold dozens of titles, and anyway, I can’t play DCS World and Starcraft 2 on an Xbox.

Oh, and multiplayer is free and games are cheap.

Of course, when you behold the sheer ostentatious magnificence of the Large Pixel Collider, how can a piddly little console compete?

It’s internal arguments like these that have kept me away from game consoles for so long. As someone who loves games, however, the one thing that always nagged at me was that I never spent much time with Nintendo’s games.

I think I can describe my own PC vs Console argument in this way: For me, a PC is very personal. It’s my pride and joy, something I’ve built up over many years. I’m attuned to its every beep, click and whine. There’s something so satisfactory in hearing the steady hum of the cooling fans, in feeling that warm, steady, gentle breeze that emanates from the vents.

It might sound silly to a layman, but members of the #PCMasterRace know what I’m on about.

This PC takes pride of place in my room. The PC doesn’t offer a ‘social’ experience. I play games online of course, but nobody touches my PC.

A console on the other hand, is not just about games. It’s about friends and family and fun. It’s a device that’s meant for the living room, to be played on the TV in the presence of friends and family. If I have a console, I want to be able to play with my cousin sitting right next to me, to challenge him to a duel. I also want games that I can play with my family, something light-hearted, yet challenging.

 Console Wars: PS4 and Xbox One be damned, I’m getting myself a Nintendo Switch this year

Board games are fun because they're played with friends and family

Take Monopoly or Ludo for instance. They’re terribly dull if you play on your own, or even online. With friends and family, however, the game transforms into something more.

What’s the point of Battlefield and Uncharted when little pleasures like these are out of the question? Raging against n00bs and cursing my team mates is fun in its own way, but I’d rather not do that in the living room.

Somehow, I think Microsoft and Sony lost sight of this ideal. They’ve been trying harder and harder to make a console more like a PC. More power, better graphics, limited to no local multiplayer support and so on. I don’t want a PC in my living room, I already have one.

Hands Xbox One Controller Gamer joystick video game tech2 720

Nintendo, however, has never lost sight of this goal. As disappointing as the Wii U was, the company’s earlier consoles and games have almost always been about local multiplayer – plug in a controller and join in on the fun. Nintendo didn’t sell over 83 million copies of Wii Sports without reason.

And this is why I want the Switch, Nintendo’s brand new console, so badly now. Nintendo’s pedigree in game development is beyond question, and the hardcore gamer in me will take immense pleasure in the likes of The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild. At the same time, the console is portable, comes with two controllers, offers a bunch of family-friendly titles like Super Bomberman R and 1-2-Switch and of course, Mario.

The Switch just looks like pure fun.

The Nintendo Switch will take a while to arrive in India yet and reviews have only now started trickling in. The launch lineup is also rather thin and Nintendo’s first production run is only 2 million units.

Initial reviews are also not very favourable, with reviewers citing controller issues, stuttering gameplay and again, the limited launch lineup.

We can dismiss most of these issues as just teething trouble of course, and hopefully, a later update will fix these niggles. Nintendo also claims that there are over a 100 titles in the works.

I sincerely believe that Nintendo is among the last surviving companies that truly appreciate the meaning of family-friendly fun, and that’s why I want the Switch, and that’s why I want Nintendo to succeed.

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