Baahubali The Game, a Clash of Clans style MMO is out on early access on the Play Store

Baahubali The game combines city building elements with team based play, where users have to form "Alliances" to take on other groups of players.

Baahubali The Game is the official game for the upcoming movie Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, directed by S. S. Rajamouli. The game has been developed by Moonfrog Labs, and is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game, similar to the wildly popular Clash of Clans.

The game combines city building elements with team-based play, where users have to form "Alliances" to take on other groups of players. The game is set in the fictional kingdom of Mahishmati, and the overall objective is to fight with the forces of the evil Kalakeya.

Baahubali The Game, a Clash of Clans style MMO is out on early access on the Play Store

On starting the game, you can either login as a guest or through Facebook. There is a pretty lengthy tutorial which walks you through the steps of constructing buildings, training troops and waging war against an enemy base. These steps will be familiar to those who play clan based multiplayer strategy games. Constructing a new building or training units all have time sinks. The tutorial asks you to accelerate the process by spending gems to instantly finish the building or training, but users can ignore the prompts to save the gems for other aspects.


The game needs a constant internet connection to be played. Baahubali, Bhallaladeva and Katappa are available as heroes. These heroes show up in the buildings interface, next to the Barracks and the War Library, but act like units in the battlefield. The superpowers of the heroes, including the Lion Punch of Baahubali and the Chain Mace of Bhallaladeva, are in the game.

Defensive buildings include a guard post, an archer tower, walls, catapult, spike trap and a spear tower. There is even a cobra trap that makes incoming enemies fall into a pit crawling with poisonous snakes.


Decorations are available as well. Building ornamental additions for your base is expensive and they serve no functional purpose. However, these cosmetic additions can beautify your base, and is a means of showing off how far you have progressed in the game.

There are stone and gold variants of Baahubali and Bhallaladeva statues as well as torches that can be purchased. Units for battle include warriors, war elephants, siege machines, priests for healing, archers, thieves and spearmen.


The special abilities available initially allow you to heal a number of troops at once and bombard an enemy with a shower of arrows. While the troop movement is automatic, there is strategy involved in the placement and selection of the mix of units to attack a particular base. The special abilities have to be triggered by the players themselves, choosing where to place them smartly on the map so as to be the most effective. New troops, special abilities and buildings become available as and when you progress through the game.


The game is available in two languages, English and Hindi. In case you are stuck at any point of time, a dedicated button is available to give you tips. Anyone can set up an alliance, and there are already a number of alliances active in the game. Some of the alliances are closed, and are invite only, while others are open and anyone is free to join. Alliance locations can be set to 'any', 'international', India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. Users can create their own alliances, specifying the minimum number of trophies required to join, and the frequency of wars.

Wars are engagements between two alliances where players take out the bases of the opposition. The alliance that takes out more opponent bases wins the war.


The game allows you to choose a badge for an alliance you create

The game is still in the beta version, and the developers are taking feedback from the players at this stage. Baahubali The Game is a freemium title, which means while the game is free to play, it is possible to pay up to accelerate your progress. Gems are used to get rid of the time sinks and making purchases of supplies. A bunch of 80 gems costs Rs 80, and at the higher end of the scale, 14,000 gems can be purchased for Rs 7,900. The game seems pretty balanced and bug free, at least in the early stages. However, this kind of an MMO is a demanding and involving title and not suitable for the more casual gamers.

The title is available on early access in the Android Play Store.


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