Virat Kohli's success story decoded in new book from family man to brand

New Delhi: From scoring forgettable runs of 10, 12 and 19 in his debut domestic, ODI and Test matches respectively, to becoming the Indian skipper, Virat Kohli's inspiring journey is bound to evoke curiosity among cricket fans.

A new book "Winning like Virat: Think & Succeed like Kohli" by Abhirup Bhattacharya unravels the secrets of the cricketer's consistent form, while attempting to decode his philosophy towards life.

"If we focus on Virat, the cricketer and the man, we will find some extraordinary traits - his leadership skills, the ability to keep his cool under pressure, a fearless attitude and a desire to win every game - that have shaped him as he is today," Bhattacharya writes in the book.

 Virat Kohlis success story decoded in new book from family man to brand

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"From off the field to his maturity in handling the media, from his business acumen to his excellent leadership and man-management skills -- there is little doubt that Virat's success is not a matter of luck alone but of relentless hard work and a dedicated goal to succeed," he says.

In the book, the writer etches Virat's success curve by using statistics that chart his performances and anecdotes from his predecessors and contemporaries in the game.

According to Bhattacharya, it is only Virat Kohli who has managed to enjoy a fandom that comes even close to the popularity of Sachin Tendulkar.

Virat, he says, has re-captivated the attention of the 1990s' generation to the TV screen just like Sachin.

"My obsession with cricket started during my school days when hopes of billions of Indians rested on the shoulders of Sachin Tendulkar. Post Tendulkar's retirement, I felt that cricket will never be the same.

"It was at this juncture that we saw the rise of a new legend in the making - Virat Kohli. His consistency across various formats and the sheer force with which he plans his innings is a model to behold in the modern era," Bhattacharya says.

Taking a retrospective look at Kohli's career, the book also observes how the cicketer seized every opportunity to cement his place in the Indian cricket team over the years.

It highlights his art of nurturing relationships both inside and outside the game.

Citing one such exapmple, Bhattacharya talks about the strong bond Kohli shares with his first ever coach Rajkumar Sharma.

"He still holds his first coach Rajkumar Sharma in the same reverence as he did as a teenager who was struggling to find foothold in the game," the author writes in the book.

The book also throws light of Virat's exceptional efficiency as a family man, who manages to take time out for his mother, brother and sister, despite a taxing schedule.

A detailed study of his fitness regime that turned the chubby Delhi boy into a sprinter between the wickets, and his unmatched charm as a brand ambassador for products, also find mention in the book.

"Virat definitely understands the science of branding. He has positioned himself in such a way in consumer's mind that he automatically assumes dependability and trust.

"In fact, quite a few cricketers have a certain image associated with them such as Dhoni (Mr Cool), Dravid (Mr Dependable), and Ganguly (Mr Aggressive). Virat captures the consumer's mind by being the single brand that has all the qualities.

The 128-page book published by Rupa publications, is priced at Rs 199.

Updated Date: May 24, 2017 16:31:33 IST