Mumbai Marathon 2017 Highlights: Alphonce Simbu wins men’s elite; Kheta Ram, Jyoti Gawte fastest Indians

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Mumbai Marathon 2017 Highlights: Alphonce Simbu wins men’s elite; Kheta Ram, Jyoti Gawte fastest Indians
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    Here's Jyoti Gawte's crossing the finish line 

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    Here are the winners of Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017:

    Alphonce Simbu from Tanzania wins men's elite
    Bornes Kitur from Kenya win women's elite
    Kheta Ram and Jyoti Gawte are the fastest man amd woman from India

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    Here's Bornes Kitur's winning moment

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    Jyoti Gawte comfortably in the lead among Indian women as she nears the finish line 

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    Kheta Ram crosses the finish line

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    Kenya's Bornes Kitur is the unchallenged women's elite champion

    The 21-year-old from Kenya notched up an impressive and virtually uncontested win with a personal best time. 

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    Kheta Ram is the fastest Indian, as Bahadur Singh comes second and Sanjith is third.

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    The winning moment for Simbu

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    Kheta Ram leads the pack among Indian men as they near the finish line at the Mumbai Marathon 

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    Mumbai Marathon champion Simbu: I followed the strategy set by my coach, to come from behind; very happy to have won

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    What a finale!

    Tanzania's Alphonce Simbu is the champion, as Kenya's Joshua Kipkorir comes second after an intense, neck-to-neck battle.

    Kipkorir broke the deadlock early on and opened up the field, but the last-gasp burst from Simbu in the closing minutes, coupled with a lapse from the Kenyan, meant that the Tanzanian won the 14th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. 

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    Tanzania's Alphonce Simbu set for victory in a dramatic finale 

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    Alphonce Simbu takes the lead as Joshua Kipkorir falls back.

    This is going to the wire!

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    Kipkorir and Simbu engaged in an intense battle as the finish line nears.
    The Mumbai Marathon is in for a thrilling finale! 

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    Kipkorir and Simbu neck-to-neck in the lead as the climax of the elite pack nears.
    Only about 4 kms and 15 minutes to go. 
    Who will come out on top?

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    Big turnaround

    A big turnaround in the elite pack as 22-year-old Joshua Kipkorir takes the unexpected lead.
    “He broke the field apart,” say commentators as the Kenyan moves ahead with what can be a possible personal best. 

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    The Dream Run has begun

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    Joshua Kipkorir takes the lead 

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    Amarjeet Singh Chawla, the visually challenged, 62-year-old runner, finishes his Half Marathon in Mumbai

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    The Dream Run is about to get underway

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    Why I run: Four marathoners on what drives them to go the distance; before SCMM 2017}

    A day before Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017, we got four individuals who've been regulars at the event to answer a question for us: "why they run"

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    Here are the women's elite winners of the Half Marathon 

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    Here are the elite men winners of the Half Marathon 

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    Michael Mutai leads at the half way mark 

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    Mumbai Marathon 2017: Why Shailendra Mohan, the Go-Pro armed runner is running this weekend}

    You can experience the rush and exhilaration of the Mumbai Marathon via Shailendra Mohan, as he will be running with a GoPro camera to record the journey.

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    Olympic champion, Kenya's David Rudisha, is in the city to cheer all the runners. 

    He talks about the Kenyan contenders, being an Arsenal fan, buying a kurta in India and how he hopes to run a road marathon some time in the future after his retirement from track and field. 

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    Here are the Champions With Disability

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    The elite runners have reached the Bandra Worli Sea Link now, as the race clocks 45 minutes. 

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    Mumbai Marathon 2017: Meet some inspiring and interesting runners set to go the distance on Sunday}

    The 14th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon will take place on Sunday, 15 January and is set to witness more than 40,000 runners in various categories.

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    A centenarian, a visually-challenged man, a 54-year-old mother of two, a group of monks.
    Take a look at some of the inspiring and interesting runners at the Mumbai Marathon: 

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    Meanwhile, the elite race has reached the Haji Ali area

  • 08:00 (IST)

    Good luck to the golden seniors! 

  • 07:58 (IST)

    Time for the Senior Citizens

    The Senior Citizens race is all set to begin at 8 am, an the enthusiasm at the start line is palpable. 

Mumbai: Ethiopias Ayele Abshero along with Dinknesh Mekash, a two-time winner in Mumbai, will lead the elite field at the 14th edition of the Mumbai Marathon on 15 January.

Abshero is the fastest man on the start-line (2:04:23).

Joining the best in the world will be top Indian athletes -- Olympian Kheta Ram, M.D. Yunus and Elam Singh as well as Jyoti Gawate, Monica Raut and Monica Athare -- who will take centrestage and vie for the top honours.

This time, the event will have an all-time high with 6,342 runners registering for the full marathon.

The half marathon and dream run saw 14,663 and 19,980 entries, respectively.


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