England vs Pakistan, Highlights, Champions Trophy 2017 cricket result: Pak stun England, advance into final

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England vs Pakistan, Highlights, Champions Trophy 2017 cricket result: Pak stun England, advance into final
  • 23:04 (IST)

    That's it from us today. Pakistan have surprised one and all and became the first team to qualify for the final of 2017 Champions Trophy. Now the action shifts to Edgbaston where India take on Bangladesh. Do join us for tomorrow's clash. For now, we bid you good bye. 

  • 22:04 (IST)

    England captain, Eoin Morgan: One thing we didn't do was adapt to conditions. Pakistan did that well and played better. We did prepare, but Pakistan bowled well and we didn't adjust and 200 isn't competitive, 250-270 would have been a good score. We bowled okay but 200 was well under par. We continue to learn, everything we did was calculated, but Pakistan had played on the wicket previously and that helped. You have to adapt in knockout cricket, so it's an important lesson.

  • 22:01 (IST)

    Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed: We bowled very well and after that the batting was good too. Mohammad Amir wasn't playing but Raees came in and did well. We elected to bowl and chase again. After India, every game was a knockout game, I said to the players to just play your game. (What if they meet India in the final) All the best to both teams, they are playing well, so we will play whoever gets through. (On Hasan Ali's performance) He's very impressive, hopefully he will do that in the final. Whenever he comes on he's getting wickets.

  • 21:54 (IST)

  • Hasan Ali becomes the first Pakistani player to win two Man of the Match awards in a single edition of ICC Champions Trophy. 

  • Pakistan's ICC ODI tournaments finals:

    Benson and Hedges World Cup,1992
    ICC World Cup,1999
    ICC Champions Trophy,2017*

  • 21:47 (IST)

    Hasan Ali, Man of the Match: (As said to the translator) First of all, thanks to Allah that we have qualified. I bowled the same way I did against South Africa. I couldn't finish off my overs against India but Azhar Mehmood told me the plans and those are working today. Morgan's wicket was my favourite. 

  • This is the first time Pakistan will play in ICC Champions Trophy final match. They lost three semi-finals before today in ICC Champions Trophy.

  • That’s it, England are out of their own tournament after a fairly abysmal overall performance in this semi-final. Not many would have predicted that at the start of the day. Pakistan bowled brilliantly and batted assuredly – India or Bangladesh await in the final on Sunday.

  • Is this the most historic turnaround in Pakistan's cricket history after the 1992 World Cup? Not only were they ranked number 8 out of 8, they also looked completely off colour in that opening game against India. There was talk in the innings break about why ICC was using an old pitch for this game. Pakistan's batting hasn't made this pitch look like the minefield that England thought it was. Give credit where it's due: Pakistan were beyond exceptional with the ball, the captaincy was absolutely on point and Pakistan looked like a side wanting to win today. 

    This is Pakistan cricket. Make of it what you want to. Being a Pakistani supporter is fun and you won’t trade it for anything in the world.

  • 21:41 (IST)

    Pakistan stun England in the first semi-final, win by eight wickets, and qualify for the final of Champions Trophy 2017. The winning runs come off Mohammad Hafeez's blade as he pulls it to the square leg fence for a boundary. 

  • 21:40 (IST)

    After 37 overs,Pakistan 211/2 ( Babar Azam 38 , Mohammad Hafeez 27)

    FOUR! FOUR! off the first and the fourth delivery. Hafeez scores both of them. He takes a single off the fifth ball. Pakistan need 1 run. 

  • 21:39 (IST)

    After 36 overs,Pakistan 202/2 ( Babar Azam 38 , Mohammad Hafeez 18)

    15 off Ben Stokes' 3rd over! Pakistan 10 runs away from the final berth. 

  • 21:38 (IST)

    FOUR! Half volley from Stokes. Babar Azam creams it through covers for a boundary. Pakistan need 12

  • 21:35 (IST)

    SIX! Morgan makes a mistake in setting the field and Ben Stokes pays for it. He concedes a Free Hit and Mohammad Hafeez flat-pulls him over long on for a maximum. 

  • 21:29 (IST)

    After 35 overs,Pakistan 187/2 ( Babar Azam 33 , Mohammad Hafeez 10)

    Pakistan firmly in the driver's seat. Nothing can take away the spot in the final from them now. 4 runs off Ball's 8th over. 

  • 21:27 (IST)

    After 34 overs,Pakistan 183/2 ( Babar Azam 32 , Mohammad Hafeez 7)

    A single followed by four dots and missed stumping and a six. On the fifth ball, Hafeez came down the track with no proper intent and missed the ball. However Buttler fails to collect it and misses an opportunity. Wouldn't have mattered much though. 29 runs needed. 

  • 21:26 (IST)

    SIX! Hafeez stands tall and slams Adil Rashid over long off for half a dozen. 

  • 21:25 (IST)

    After 33 overs,Pakistan 176/2 ( Babar Azam 31 , Mohammad Hafeez 1)

    Pakistan in no hurry whatsoever. No close-in fielders seemed to have no impact on the Pakistan batsmen. 3 runs off the over. 

  • England have their second scalp but it’s all too late, surely not even Pakistan can mess it up from here. It’s been an uncharacteristically calm and composed performance from Pakistan and England have been completely outplayed.

  • Just 39 more to go with 8 in hand. History - Pakistani batting history to be specific - will tell us it's not over till it's over. But it feels like Pakistan have this in the bag. Who can explain this? No amount of stats, numbers and modern-day cricket lectures can explain this. It is what it is and it happened when it mattered. 

  • 21:20 (IST)

    OUT! No need for Azhar Ali to do that! He comes down the ground to pull but chops it onto the sticks. He departs for a well-made 76. 

  • 21:17 (IST)

    After 32 overs,Pakistan 173/1 ( Azhar Ali 76 , Babar Azam 30)

    Rashid continues. Four dots, a single and three runs off this over. 

  • 21:14 (IST)

    After 31 overs,Pakistan 169/1 ( Azhar Ali 73 , Babar Azam 29)

    Pakistan need 46 runs off 20 overs and they score three runs off this over. 

  • 21:13 (IST)

    After 30 overs,Pakistan 166/1 ( Azhar Ali 72 , Babar Azam 27)

    Adil Rashid bowls five dot balls in his 8th over. But the only ball off which he concedes runs goes for three runs. 

  • 21:08 (IST)

    After 29 overs,Pakistan 163/1 ( Azhar Ali 72 , Babar Azam 24)

    Sambit Bal, Editor of ESPN Cricinfo, sums it up the best: I think it's safe to say this now: even Pakistan batting can't mess this up from here. 2 singles off the first five balls followed by a boundary. 

  • 21:05 (IST)

    FOUR! You pitch it up and I will punish you. Babar Azam drives an overpitched delivery down the ground for a boundary. 

  • 21:02 (IST)

    After 28 overs,Pakistan 157/1 ( Azhar Ali 67 , Babar Azam 23)

    This is sensible from Babar and Azhar. Respecting good balls and putting away bad ones. Rashid drops one short, Babar pulls it through mid-wicket for four. He is beaten one ball later but blocks the rest two solidly.

  • 20:58 (IST)

    After 27 overs, Pakistan 152/1 ( Azhar Ali 67 , Babar Azam 19)

    Nothing going England's way. Babar pulls one but gets a top edge which falls short of the deep square leg. Azhar then steals a couple through deep mid-wicket. Plunkett hits back to bowl four dot balls. 3 runs off the over.

  • 20:55 (IST)

    After 26 overs,Pakistan 149/1 ( Azhar Ali 65 , Babar Azam 18)

    2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1: Adil Rashid's 6th over. Pakistan need 63 runs off 24 overs. 

  • 20:53 (IST)

    After 25 overs,Pakistan 142/1 ( Azhar Ali 63 , Babar Azam 13)

    Pakistan's required run rate has fallen below 3 and they have scored 4 runs in Plunkett's 4th over. Many predicted a one-sided match today and that is exactly what they are getting.

  • 20:50 (IST)

    After 24 overs,Pakistan 138/1 ( Azhar Ali 61 , Babar Azam 11)

    Pakistan play sensible cricket after that maximum as they collect four singles to end the over. Pakistan 74 runs away from securing a final berth. 

  • 20:47 (IST)

    SIX! Azhar Ali wants to finish it so early. Azhar dances down the track and slams Rashid over the bowler's head for half a dozen. 

  • 20:45 (IST)

    After 23 overs,Pakistan 128/1 ( Azhar Ali 59 , Babar Azam 3)

    Pakistan cruising at the moment. Four singles and a brace off Mark's 8th over. 

  • 20:42 (IST)

    What do you reckon?

  • 20:40 (IST)

    After 22 overs,Pakistan 122/1 ( Azhar Ali 55 , Babar Azam 1)

    Babar Azam arrives at the centre after Fakhar Zaman's wicket. He gets off the mark with a single to covers. Azhar Ali drills the third ball through covers for a brace. The last ball is short and wide, Azhar cuts it behind point. One run taken. 

  • 118 runs for the first wicket and Pakistan's dream run continues. Fakhar was finally undone by a googly. He did his job and Pakistan should not make a mess of this chase from here on in. ​

  • A wicket! England finally strike to remove Fakhar Zaman but it seems all rather too late. Pakistan look like being the biggest obstacle to themselves making the final at the moment, but even they will need a meltdown for the ages to blow this position.

  • 20:38 (IST)

    OUT! England break the partnership...........finally. Adil Rashid unleashes a vicious googly and Fakhar gets beaten as he looked to loft it over covers. He lost his balance in the process and Buttler whipped the bails off in a flash. No need to go to the third umpire as Fakhar Zaman starts walking. Despite Pakistan's reputation (or the lack of it) for collapsing, I feel this partnership has laid the foundation for a historic win. 

  • 118 by Fakhar Zaman and Azhar Ali is the second highest opening stand for Pakistan against England in ODIs. The highest is 122 between Kamran Akmal and Mohammad Hafeez at Leeds in 2010.

  • 20:35 (IST)

    After 21 overs,Pakistan 118/0 ( Azhar Ali 52 , Fakhar Zaman 57)

    Wood responds well after conceding a boundary off the first ball. Only two runs and a wide comes off the remainder of his over. Seven runs off the over. 

  • 20:33 (IST)

    FOUR and FIFTY! Wood bowls a short delivery and Azhar steers it past the first slip for a boundary. Some way to bring up his 11th ODI half-century. 

  • This is the first time both Pakistan openers have scored a fifty in an ICC Champions Trophy match. Overall, this is 13th instance in ICC Champions Trophy. 

  • 20:32 (IST)

    After 20 overs,Pakistan 111/0 ( Azhar Ali 47 , Fakhar Zaman 56)

    Rashid concedes three runs off the first three balls. On the fourth ball, Azhar gets beaten on the outside edge and the ball hits Buttler's boot and ricochets back onto the stumps. Buttler appeals and the umpire takes it upstairs. Replays show that Azhar was quite in. Three runs off the over. 

  • Century stands for Pakistan in ICC Champions Trophy:

    Mohammad Yousuf/Shoaib Malik v India,Centurion,2009

    Mohammad Yousuf/Saeed Anwar v Sri Lanka,Nairobi,2000

    AZHAR ALI/FAKHAR ZAMAN v England,Cardiff,2017

  • This is dire for England, they’ve bowled with terrible control so far and Pakistan’s openers are running riot. Difficult to see a way back for them in this match, barring the most Pakistan of Pakistan batting collapses. 

  • Pakistani batsmen with consecutive fifties in ICC Champions Trophy:

    Saeed Anwar (3)

    Misbah-ul-Haq (2)

    FAKHAR ZAMAN (2)* 

  • 20:25 (IST)

    After 19 overs,Pakistan 108/0 ( Azhar Ali 45 , Fakhar Zaman 55)

    Mark Wood comes back into the attack. Can he produce something magical? His first four balls are dots, he also whistled past Azhar's outside edge twice. Azhar pulls the fifth ball through backward square leg for a brace. Azhar ends the over with a single. 

  • 20:21 (IST)

    After 18 overs,Pakistan 105/0 ( Azhar Ali 42 , Fakhar Zaman 55)

    Two singles and a boundary off Moeen Ali's first over. The 100-run stand also comes up in this over. Time for drinks. 

  • 20:18 (IST)

    FOUR! This lad is looking dangerous. Fakhar Zaman lunges forward and absolutely hammers Moeen Ali over covers for a boundary. 

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Latest update: Pakistan stun England in the first semi-final, win by eight wickets, and qualify for the final of Champions Trophy 2017. The winning runs come off Mohammad Hafeez's blade as he pulls it to the square leg fence for a boundary.


Eng vs Pak

Preview: Having swept aside all opposition in the group stage, hosts England are expected to face a strong pace attack when they take on Pakistan in the first semi-final of the Champions Trophy cricket tournament in Cardiff on Wednesday.

Pakistan managed to bundle out a formidable Sri Lankan batting line-up for 236 runs in their last Group B match after deciding to bowl first at the Cardiff Wales Stadium here on Monday.

 England vs Pakistan, Highlights, Champions Trophy 2017 cricket result: Pak stun England, advance into final

England captain Eoin Morgan (L) and Pakistan skipper Srfraz Ahmed (R). AFP

The Pakistan bowling attack comprising pacers Junaid Khan, Mohammad Amir, Fahim Ashraf, Hasan Ali and their lone spinner Imad Wasim will look to test the strong England batting line-up as well.

Junaid Khan and Mohammad Amir were in excellent form in the previous match against Sri Lanka and will aim to recreate some of that magic against the hosts.

Some of the deliveries by the duo against Sri Lanka were almost unplayable and a similar performance at the same venue on Wednesday could prove to be ominious for England.

If Pakistan do manage to upstage the hosts, it will be their first appearance in the final of a 50-over International Cricket Council (ICC) tournament since losing to Australia in the title clash of the 1999 World Cup.

The last time they qualified for a 50-over ICC tournament was at the 2011 World Cup when they lost a thriller to arch-rivals India in Mohali.

However, Pakistan's power-packed line-up of fast bowlers is offset to some extent by the lack of too much firepower in their batting.

Most of the Pakistan batsmen have struggled during the group matches. Skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed and opener Fakhar Zaman are the only Pakistan batsmen who have shown some kind of form in this tournament.

Sarfaraz struck an unbeaten 61 runs in the must-win last group game against Sri Lanka, which Pakistan won by three wickets to qualify for the last-four stage.

England, on the other hand, were the dominant team in Group A. They dominated teams like Australia, Bangladesh and New Zealand in home conditions for an all-win record in the group stage and will look to maintain their winning streak.

England's batting line-up, boasting the likes of Alex Hales, Joe Root, Eoin Morga, Ben Stokes and Jos Butler, has looked to be in an impressive form but is expected to face a stern test against the Pakistan bowling attack.

Joe Root also sits among the top run scorers in the ongoing ICC Champions Trophy scoring 212 runs in three matches with the highest score of an unbeaten 133 against Bangladesh.

The bowling department for England has also looked good, trying to provide an equal balance to the side under the likes of pacers Liam Plunkett, Mark Wood, Jake Ball, Ben Stokes and their spinners Adil Rashid and Moeen Ali who have consistently delivered for their side.

England lead the head-to-head battle with a 6-4 record against Pakistan in ICC tournaments. The last time Pakistan defeated England in an ICC event was in 1996.


England: Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(wk), Moeen Ali, Steven Finn, Liam Plunkett, Mark Wood, Jake Ball, Jonny Bairstow, Sam Billings, Adil Rashid, David Willey

Pakistan: Sarfraz Khan (c and wk), Ahmed Shehzad, Azhar Ali, Babar Azam, Faheem Ashraf, Fakhar Zaman, Haris Sohail, Hasan Ali, Imad Wasim, Junaid Khan, Mohammed Amir, Mohammed Hafeez, Shadab Khan and Shoaib Malik.

With inputs from IANS

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