Sonia loses her cool as Advani manages to rile her

Octogenarian Lal Krishna Advani still seems to have it in him to get someone's goat. A few days ago, it was his own party's goat with a blogpost on the possibility of a non-Congress, non-BJP government after the next election.

On Wednesday, he managed to get even the normally placid Sonia Gandhi riled during a discussion on the Assam ethnic-communal clashes. While talking on how the Assamese were going to be reduced to a minority due to illegal immigration from Bangladesh, Advani also made a reference to the Congress's role in this illegal immigration and the state government's failure to prevent last month's violence. He also called UPA as an "illegitimate" government - for having allegedly won by buying votes in the 2008 trust vote.

 Sonia loses her cool as Advani manages to rile her

Screengrab from CNN-IBN

This got Sonia worked up and she exhorted her party members to protest. She repeated that the word "illegitimate" should be withdrawn by Advani, since it seemed to suggest that the party's win in 2009 was somehow questionable.

Advani, having made his splash in parliament, took the word back since Speaker Meira Kumar also asked him to withdraw it. He tried commenting on what he meant by "illegitimate" but the ruckus in parliament had gone beyond control. It had to be adjourned for an hour.

When the session resumed, PM Manmohan Singh,said that Advani's comment was disgraceful and unfortunate.

Updated Date: Aug 08, 2012 14:53:22 IST