Navjot Singh Sidhu can't be serious about Kapil Sharma's show, it's a comical conflict of interest

I think Navjot Singh Sidhu is just pulling everyone’s leg. He cannot be serious about being sworn-in as a minister on the one side and still be making ‘hee haw’ sounds and faking premature laughter on television. He is just sort of putting it out there to check out the blowback. He truly cannot be that stupid.

That’s a milder form of Donald Trump saying he is going to set off another season of a political version of The Apprentice. Where is the President? Shooting a segment at the studios.

Sidhu will probably take a while to get used to the suddenness of his success and the responsibility that goes with it. While no one minds a bit of humour and it is good for the soul, what one does mind is the casual, almost indifferent attitude to your service to the people. While it is too soon to cement such a mindset into contempt, Sidhu shouldn’t hit his own wicket. He hasn't opened his account yet.

 Navjot Singh Sidhu cant be serious about Kapil Sharmas show, its a comical conflict of interest

File image of Navjot Singh Sidhu. PTI

By all means, use TV or the other social platforms to interact with people and if they like your brand of humour then no harm at all in dispatching some warmth and happiness as a minister to your flock.

Nowhere is it written that political entities have to be dour and sour and unapproachable and it will be a change if one of them spreads a little happiness. But the flaw lies in endorsing one programme. That you cannot do. It becomes a conflict of interest and bends the scales. There is no way that an elected individual can justify continuing commercially and undermining the competition.

You start your own show where you can generate strands of comedy with your public no problem with that.

I don’t think humour of any sort detracts from your performance and, in fact, probably enhances it. It is a wonderful thing to make people smile and get them to support you. So seeing the continuation of Sidhu on the show as an attack on the dignity of the office is a bit unfair. Why should dignity be harmed because your funny bone is well-developed?

It is the nexus between a public servant and Kapil Sharma’s specific show that is intrinsically wrong because it becomes an endorsement and Sidhu has no business to encourage that or be party to it.

If he does not see that, he should be removed from the government at once because he is engaging in a business deal and that is corruption.

Like I said, do your own show off your own money, no sponsors for the same reason… the conflict.

If it falls flat on its face that’s the risk you take. But don’t take the public lightly and understand that you are now a minister in the Punjab Cabinet, not a retired cricketer playing Monty Python.

You want the perks and privileges of the job, get real and get off the stage.

It is a commentary on our political set up that these people seek a mandate and having been given one, begin to believe they are now a cut above and can do what they want.

No, you cannot. And there is nothing comical about that.

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Updated Date: Mar 18, 2017 12:51:43 IST