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Goa government formation as it happened: Manohar Parrikar, council of ministers sworn-in by governor

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Goa government formation as it happened: Manohar Parrikar, council of ministers sworn-in by governor
  • 12:48 (IST)

    Parrikar dismisses allegations against BJP

  • 12:45 (IST)

    It is a government of coalition: Parrikar 

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  • 12:38 (IST)

    WATCH: Manohar Parrikar addresses media in Panaji

    "We have won the floor test, debunking Digvijaya's claim that they have the numbers. This is what happens when you come to Goa to have fun."

  • 12:37 (IST)

    Congress party legislator Vishwajit Rane did not vote

    The Manohar Parrikar-led coalition government in Goa proved its majority in the Goa Assembly, legitimising its existence.

    Pro-tem speaker Sidharth Kuncalienkar announced victory of the Parrikar government after the floor test.

    Parrikar government got support of 22 legislators, excluding the pro-tem speaker who was not required to cast his vote, while the Congress could manage only 17 votes.

    In a major embarrassment, newly-elected Congress party legislator Vishwajit Rane did not vote, giving signals that all is not well with the Congress party. He walked out of the House after taking oath as legislator. 

  • 12:32 (IST)

    Manohar Parrikar govt proves majority 

    BJP got the support of 22 MLAs, 16 were opposed and one was absent during the Goa floor test. Parrikar has the challenge of assigning the portfolios.

  • 12:27 (IST)

    Manohar Parrikar govt wins with 22 votes, Congress manages 16

  • 12:24 (IST)

    Congress raises questions over selection of pro-tem speaker

    While BJP has numbers by its side to sail through today’s floor test without any hiccups, the rival Congress party is raising questions over selection of pro-tem speaker Sidharth Kuncalienkar, BJP legislator from Panaji seat.

    Kuncalienkar was sworn in as the pro-tem speaker by Governor Mridula Sinha on Wednesday. He will continue in the post until the assembly elects its new Speaker, likely to take place couple of days before the Manohar Parrikar government presents its budget sometime next week.

    Kuncalienkar, who worked as Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to Parrikar while he was Goa chief minister from 2012 to 2014 before he moved to the centre as Indian defence minister, was elected to the assembly from Parrikar’s Panaji seat in 2015 in by-election. He retained the seat defeating thus far unconquered Atanasio Monserrate of the UGP by little over 1000 votes.

    Kuncalienkar is expected to vacate the Panaji seat for Parrikar, enabling him contest the by-election and become member of the legislative assembly within six months of his appointment. Indian constitution allows a non-member to run the government for maximum six months.

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  • 12:16 (IST)

    MGP and GFP won't vote themselves out of power

    It is highly unlikely that BJP’s new-found partners will vote themselves out of power. All three legislators of the Goa Front are already ministers, two-each among three Maharashtra Gomantak Party (MGP) and thee Independents gave been accommodated in the Manohar Parrikar government as cabinet ministers.

    BJP claims, it enjoys support of 22 legislators, including its own 13 MLA. It had submitted letters supporting its claim of 21 legislators to Goa Governor Mridula Sinha on Sunday. Since then another Independent legislator Prasad Gaonkar, MLA from Sanguem constituency, has joined the ruling coalition. There are indications that former chief minister and the lone Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) legislator Churchill Alemao, who won South Goa’s Benaulim seat, may also vote in favour of Parrikar government, helping it sail through the floor test ordered by the Supreme Court on Tuesday easily.

  • 12:12 (IST)

    Sluggish Congress leadership in contact with MGP and GF: Sources

    Sources in the Congress party told IANS on condition of anonymity, that the Congress leadership, which is being accused of acting sluggishly and thereby losing the opportunity to form the government, is now in contact with leaders from the MGP and GF, requesting them to switch over.

    The Congress needs only four more MLAs to reach the crucial mark. Sinha on Sunday had granted Parrikar 15 days to prove his majority in the assembly, but the Supreme Court, which was hearing a petition filed by Congress legislative party leader Chandrakant Kavlekar, directed on Tuesday that the floor test should be held without delay on Thursday.

  • 12:05 (IST)

    Dayanand Sopte, first MLA to be sworn-in, had defeated ex-CM Parsekar by a record margin

    The first MLA to be sworn-in in the Goa Assembly today was Dayanand Sopte, the Congress leader who registered a record win against former CM Laxmikant Parsekar in Mandrem constituency

  • 12:03 (IST)

    Here's how Manohar Parrikar may get to touch the magical figure of 22 in the 40-seat Goa Assembly:

    13(BJP) + 3(GFP) + 3(MGP) + 3Independents which adds up to a total of 22 seats.

    The Congress has 17 seats in the Goa Assembly, four short of majority mark. The party has been unable to enlist the support of non-BJP MLAs.

  • 11:59 (IST)

    Both BJP and Congress claim majority

    The much awaited floor test of the newly installed Manohar Parrikar-led Goa government is underway. While the BJP which heads the coalition government is confident of surviving the crucial test, considering it continues to enjoy support of its new-found allies, the rival Congress party entered the House still claiming it has the majority by its side.

    The actual floor test would start after all the newly-elected members of the 40-member assembly are sworn in as legislators.

  • 11:48 (IST)

    Keeping the flock together will be Parrikar's biggest challenge

    Proving majority may not be difficult considering eight out of nine leaders who helped BJP garner backdoor majority have been accommodated in the Parrikar cabinet. The Congress party, yet to overcome the loss of the golden opportunity to form the government, has accused BJP of indulging in horse-trading to secure a majority. 

    Read full analysis here.

  • 11:42 (IST)

    Congress leaders, some of them, confident that Parrikar will lose trust vote

    Congress leader Pratap Singh Rane said that the party will prove majority in the floor test. 

    "We have the people with us," he said. Earlier, Goa Congress chief Luizinho Faleiro had expressed his confidence saying, "Congress is united and strong and we will prove our majority in Assembly."

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  • 11:32 (IST)

    WATCH: BJP-led government in Goa headed by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar face floor test today

  • 11:31 (IST)

    BJP used money to steal governments of Manipur and Goa: Rahul Gandhi

    After Kejriwal and Mulayam allege elections were won by tampering EVMs, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi alleged that the BJP had "stolen" the election and the allies by buying them out. "BJP ne Manipur aur Goa mein paise ka prayog kiya, sarkaar chori ki hai (BJP has used money to steal the governments of Manipur and Goa).

  • 11:19 (IST)

    BJP gave importance to Goa, Congress stabbed its allies in the back: GFP Leader

    Leader of the Goa Forward Party, Vijay Sardesai, who is backing the Parrikar government in Goa told News18, "The BJP was quicker. They deemed Goa important enough to send their minister (Parrikar) back from Delhi to Goa.  Now there will be more development here too. This is why we supported the BJP. The Congress has many grand old men all vying for power. They could not have decided a leader and provided stability, so there was no point in going with them. They have backstabbed me twice, tried to scuttle my political plans. Digvijaya Singh is not really responsible for this mess in Congress."

  • 11:17 (IST)

    BJP spent Rs 1,000 crore to lure Goa MLAs: Congress

    The Congress claimed that Rs 1,000 crore had been spent on horse-trading and luring non-Congress legislators by the BJP to form a coalition government in Goa earlier this week. "Nothing less than Rs 1,000 crore have been spent by the BJP to lure and buy MLAs over to their side," All India Congress Committee (AICC) Secretary Girish Chodankar told CNN-News18

  • 11:04 (IST)

    Will walk out if Rahul does not intervene: Congress MLA

    After failing to act quickly to form a government in Goa, the Congress now stares at a revolt as a senior legislator said he and other "like-minded lawmakers will be forced to re-think our remaining with the Congress in future". Senior Congress leader and legislator Vishwajit Rane sought party vice-president Rahul Gandhi's intervention and action against those he claimed "mishandled" the government-formation fiasco.

    "Two days were taken to choose a Congress Legislature Party leader. Those in charge indulged in mismanagement. The Supreme Court also said so. They are experienced people, but they did not know what to do, what step to take to form the government. Parrikar came from Delhi and swiftly spoke to everyone concerned, got the numbers and formed the government," the Congress legislator from Valpoi was quoted as saying by IANS.

  • 10:51 (IST)

    Making absurd allegations and stalling Parliament is not Congress' role, the should understand: Naidu

    Making absurd allegations against BJP and stalling Rajya Sabha for performing its duties, this is what Congress does. People rejected Congress in 2014. Congress should have understood its role as constructive opposition. Now after landslide victory in Assembly elections, Congress should understand its role, Venkaiah Naidu tells CNN-News18.

  • 10:42 (IST)

    If Manohar Parrikar wins, the governor stands vindicated or else Congress gets to form govt

    All eyes are on Panjim right now where the Goa Legislative Assembly is scheduled to have a floor test on Thursday to see if Manohar Parrikar, recently appointed as the state's chief minister, can survive a vote of confidence in the House. 

    The governor of a state has a unique constitutional role in our system of Westminster style democracy. The role is similar to the president at the Centre. The role of the governor at the end of the day is to ensure that there is a stable government that can pass a budget and ensure supply as without passing a budget the government will stop and only the legislature can raise money. 

    So this does not become a point of who is legally authorised to hold office or not, when adjudicating these matters there are many factors at play, the cold hard letter of the law, the changing tides of democracy and the practicality of having to form of a government. So when courts get involved, the results that come out often times don't always stick to precedent like clockwork.

    So while, there may be many legal disputes as to how best a governor should act, sometimes effective and quick rulings are better for a democracy than cold hard letters of the law. The law states that the chief minister is a member of the house, who is appointed by the governor and holds the confidence of the House.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

  • 10:32 (IST)

    Dissent rises in Congress as Goa leaders appear miffed with high command

    Son of veteran Congress leader and former chief minister Pratapsinh Rane, Vishwajeet Rane questioned his party's "delayed" decision lecting the Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader.

    "Ideally, the CLP leader should have been elected immediately (after the poll results). Party's Goa Incharge has done this mismanagement. I will meet Rahul Gandhi before taking any further step. I am hopeful that Rahul ji will give us justice. If he does not respond, then we will feel that we are not in right party and we will take decision after consulting our workers. We will have to quit the Congress if such kind of behaviour continues."

  • 10:13 (IST)

    I am smiling because I am confident Parrikar will lose trust vote: Digvijaya Singh

    In an interview with NDTV, Congress leader and in-charge for Goa elections, Digvijaya Singh said that he was confident Parrikar would lose the trust vote. "There is no crisis as far as Goa and Manipur are concerned. The High Command had fully authorised the General Secretaries in charge to take decision and there was no interference."

    Under fire from his own party members for mismanagement, Singh told NDTV, "If you are seeing me smiling, that shows confidence. We will defeat the motion."

  • 10:07 (IST)

    Parrikar's swearing-in a big scam and media is hand-in-glove: Congress MLA

    Trashing Parrikar's swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, Congress leader Om Prakash Mishra told ANI that the event was a big scam. "This swearing-in ceremony of Manohar Parrikar as the Chief Minister of Goa is a big scam and BJP has resorted to unfair means. Throughout Goa people are protesting as to why the saffron party did such a low act to come to power, and why is the media not showing all this."

  • 10:03 (IST)

    If you have numbers, prove it on floor: Venkaiah Naidu

    "In Goa and Manipur Congress could not stake the claim, the Honourable Governor found BJP have numbers to lead the state we were called to form the government. They went to court, even court asked them to prove the numbers, now they are writing blogs. If you have numbers prove it on floors. They are making absurd allegations of horse trading," says Venkaiah Naidu. 

    The BJP had won 13 seats, four less than the Congress which bagged 17 seats in the 40-member House. The BJP will have to prove majority in the Legislative Assembly, as per the directions of the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

  • 09:57 (IST)

    Failure to cobble up any post-poll alliance hurts Congress leaders

    The Congress leaders are still smarting from the failure of the party managers to cobble up any post-poll alliance to attain power, despite emerging as the single largest party in Assembly elections.

    Acting swiftly, the BJP which ended up as the second largest party staked the claim to form government.

  • 09:55 (IST)

    Goa Congress MLAs miffed with Digvijaya Singh

    The anguish of the Congress party MLAs' seems to be directed at AICC general secretary Digvijaya Singh who has been handling the party affairs in Goa ahead and after elections.

    Ahead of the floor test, the Congress refused to comment on their strategy asking people to "wait and watch." "You wait and watch. I will not comment anything right now," Congress Legislature Party Leader Chandrakant Kavlekar told PTI. Led by Kavlekar, all the 17 party MLAs had called upon the Governor on Tuesday seeking an invitation to the Congress to form the government, but failed to get any assurance from her. 

  • 09:44 (IST)

    Governor Mridula Sinha summons first session of new Assembly meet at 11.30 am

    Goa Governor Mridula Sinha has summoned the first session of the new Assembly to meet at 11:30am. The MLAs will take oath first, following which the floor test would be conducted.

    Meanwhile, speaking to the media Congress MLA Vishwajeet Rane said, "It seems those leaders sent from Delhi never wanted Congress to form government in Goa. Congress should know the kind of mismanagement done by the in-charge of the party who came here from Delhi, which will finish the party."

  • 09:40 (IST)

    BJP govt in Goa will last for its full tenure: Parrikar

    After being sworn-in as the Chief Minister, Manohar Parrikar exuded confidence that his government would be stable and run the full five year term. "Let everyone be very clear that this government will last for its full tenure. I agree the mandate is fractured. But if every fraction of the fractured mandate comes together, we will become 22. This is bringing together post-election coalition and the lead has been taken by regional parties, not me," he said.

    - PTI

  • 09:18 (IST)

    GFP, MGP and two Independents helped BJP to take MLA tally to 21

    Manohar Parrikar, whose party has 13 MLAs, had staked claim to form the government on Sunday mustering the support of the Goa Forward Party (GFP) and Maharashtravadi Gomantak Party (MGP) besides two Independents, which together took the tally of the combine to 21.

    Another Independent MLA had extended his support to the coalition yesterday, raising its number to 22.

  • 09:16 (IST)

    Parrikar has support of 22 MLAs - more than halfway mark in the 40-member Goa Assembly

    Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has to prove majority in the Goa Assembly today. He stepped down as the Defence Minister to return as the chief minister on Tuesday. Parrikar enjoys the support of 22 MLAs, two more than the halfway mark of 20 in the 40-member Assembly. 

    The Congress has been crying foul as despite being the single-largest party in the Assembly it failed to cobble up the support of non-BJP MLAs, following which Governor Mridula Sinha gave the BJP the first go at government formation. 

  • 22:00 (IST)

    Manohar Parrikar becomes Goa chief minister but keeping the flock together will be his biggest challenge

    "BJP which enjoyed a clear majority of its own in the outgoing Assembly was reduced to 13 seats as against 17 of the Congress party in the 40-member Goa Assembly. Parrikar and Gadkari seized the opportunity while Congress dithered on selecting its legislative party leader for two days.

    Proving majority may not be difficult considering eight out of nine leaders who helped BJP garner backdoor majority have been accommodated in the Parrikar cabinet.

    But Parrikar has a tough challenge at hand even after crossing the Thursday floor test as carrying along two regional parties and independents may not be easy. Also, the Congress party would be eyeing to poach on four of them to topple Parrikar government."

    Read full article here

  • 18:17 (IST)

    Prime Minister Modi congratulates Parrikar

  • 18:05 (IST)

    Parrikar targets Congress

  • 17:48 (IST)

    Swearing-in ceremony comes to an end in Goa

    Manohar Parrikar was sworn-in chief minister while 9 other MLAs were sworn-in as minister.

  • 17:44 (IST)

    Another independent Govind Gawde sworn-in minister

    Govind Gawde has been elected from the Priol constituency. 

  • 17:42 (IST)

    Pandurang Madkaikar sworn-in minister 

    Former Congressman, who joined the BJP in December 2016, Madkaikar is now a minister in the Parrikar cabinet. 

  • 17:38 (IST)

    Independent MLA Rohan Khaunte sworn-in minister

    Independent MLA from Porvorim constituency, Khaunte created history in Goa politics by successfully retaining his seat,

  • 17:35 (IST)

    Other ministers in Parrikar cabinet 

    Francis D'Souza is second BJP minister to take oath, who is followed by MGP's Manohar Ajgaonkar, who until recently was with the Congress. 

  • 17:33 (IST)

    Manohar Parrikar is now CM

    He is followed by Sudin Dhavalikar of the MGP and Vijai Sardesai of the Goa Forward party. 

  • 17:28 (IST)

    Sudin Dhavalikar takes oath of office and secrecy 

    MGP leader Sudin Dhavlikar follows Manohar Parrikar in the order of precedence. He is expected to be the PWD minister. 

  • 17:26 (IST)

    Manohar Parrikar sworn-in CM

  • 17:12 (IST)

    Amit Shah, Nitin Gadkari and Venkaiah Naidu among guests

    Reports suggest that Manohar Parrikar has also arrived at the Raj Bhavan. Eight other MLAs will also be sworn-in along with him. 

  • 17:06 (IST)

    Manohar Parrikar to be sworn-in CM shortly

  • 17:00 (IST)

    Arun Jaitley on Goa government formation

  • 16:51 (IST)

    Here is why Congress crying foul over Goa crisis is wrong

    It can't be helped if the Congress vice-president chooses to remain in 'La La Land' but the party's charge against BJP and petition in Supreme Court that Governor Mridula Sinha 'acted in haste' should be explored from all angles. Did Sinha err in inviting BJP's chief ministerial candidate to form a government? And how accurate is the claim that a party which finishes second "has no right to form a government"? What are the political, legal and moral aspects of this charge?

    Read more here.

  • 16:32 (IST)

    Ex-CM Parsekar defends BJP

    Speaking to CNN News18, former chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar said that the Congress will fail to prove its majority on the floor of the House on Thursday. He also added that his party used no money power to lure smaller parties. Parsekar, who lost his Mandrem seat, also showed confidence that Independents will back the Parrikar government on Thursday's floor test. 

Votes for the general Assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur will be counted on Saturday.

The exit polls released on Thursday projected a win for BJP in the 40-seat Goa Assembly. The exit polls put Congress in the second lead and predicted that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) might not repeat its Delhi success in Goa.

Three exit polls Axis My India, C-Voter and MRC have given the BJP an edge over its competitors. The party is likely to win 15 to 22 seats, followed by Congress. MRC predicts 15 seats for BJP, 10 for Congress and AAP seven. Meanwhile, C-voter predicts that BJP may retain Goa with 18 seats and Congress may gain six seats. AAP which is making its debut in Goa might just end up only two seats. C-Voter exit poll predicts that BJP would be the single largest party in Goa.

 Goa government formation as it happened: Manohar Parrikar, council of ministers sworn-in by governor

Representational image. AFP.

Based on the exit polls, BJP may form the new government but may not hit the majority mark of 21 seats. "Goa could be headed for a hung Assembly in which smaller parties could come into the picture. Congress winning the maximum 18 seats may open intense efforts and bargaining. As of now it is clear that AAP’s attempts to extend its 2014 Delhi experiment may have failed in Goa," political commentator Ajay Jha says. The smaller parties and the Independents are likely to be the kingmakers.

In last-minute instructions on preparations for the counting day on Saturday, the Election Commission on Thursday instructed the electoral officers to set up additional close-circuit TV cameras to monitor carrying of EVMs from strongrooms to the counting hall.

"On the day of counting, additional CCTV camera may be installed at such locations from where the carrying of EVMs from strong rooms to the counting hall can be recorded for effective monitoring," the EC said in the letter.

The EC further said: "For counting day, CCTV cameras must be strategically placed so that all movements of personnel carrying control units is covered and displayed on TV, placed at the Returning Officer's table and at some place where candidates, counting agents can also view the movement of CUs from strong room to the counting hall."

It further said that in case the counting hall is located at a distance or in a separate building away from the strong room, barricading from the strong room door up to the counting hall door should be done in such a way that "EVMs of each constituency should not be criss-crossing each other".

According to Goa Chief Electoral Officer Kunal, the overall polling percentage on 4 February was 81. Out of the 11.10 lakh registered voters, 8,98,507 exercised their franchise. The constituencies in the mining and tourism belts saw more than the average polling, as per the EC estimates.

Though as many as 250 candidates, including many Independents, are in the fray for the 40 seats, the fight is mainly between ruling BJP, Congress, AAP and MGP-led alliance.

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