Fan puts NaMo in a spot: Amitabh Bachchan 'infuriated' over fake video

Given how organised Gujarat CM Narendra Modi's social media machinery is, it is rarely caught on the wrong foot. If you can ignore the trolls who go on Twittering hammering sprees quite regularly, Modi's social media paraphernalia is usually smart, sophisticated and reasonably argumentative. In the past too, he had admonished trolls and said that they are the reason why 'disinformation' spreads and spreads so fast.

Now, yet another Modi fan has taken his fan-love to unacceptable heights, putting the Gujarat CM in a spot. A video, which had been doing the rounds of the internet, was made by interspersing an audio recorded by actor Amitabh Bachchan with stills of Narendra Modi. As a result it seemed that Bachchan was voicing his staunch support for Narendra Modi. A lot of people were fooled by the video too, given Bachchan is a brand ambassador for Gujarat and is the face and voice of several of the state's tourism commercials.

However, Bachchan, who has tried to remain distanced from political games for some time now, was not amused. He said he was 'infuriated and angered by the fake video.

Expressing shock and outrage, an angry Bachchan took to Twitter saying:


In the year 2007, I did a ‘Lead India’ campaign for the The Times of India, where we talked of the glorification of the country and India !

"SOMEBODY has made a fake video by using my voice and text of what I spoke in the original, and falsely and mischievously, interspersed it with visuals which indicate a campaign for the promotion of the Hon Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi!!

 Fan puts NaMo in a spot: Amitabh Bachchan infuriated over fake video

Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan and Gujarat CM Narendra Modi.

I wish to state that this is an illegal act, inviting strong action, one that I am appalled by, and one that has no concurrence from me at all.

I have brought this to the notice of the concerned authorities, and asked my Digital Team to find out its origin so that we can initiate action against the perpetrator.

This is a blatant misuse and infringement of the Copyright Act, and needs to be condemned by all those that become a part of this platform.
Infuriated and angered !!"

Gujarat CM Narendra Modi reacted to Bachchan on Twitter, but stopped short of apologising. "Agree with Bachchan.. the author of the fake video shoud take action immediately and apologize to Amitabh ji"


The original video, which was created in 2007 for a Times of India campaign, has a voice over of the star where he states the country needs a new leader who can take it forward.

"We need to find a leader who can take our country in the right direction... one who can ensure our victory in this 'Kurukshetra'... we need a politician who can fulfill the dreams of our youth.. one who can take our country to great heights... One who with a torch in his hand will lead us to say 'Lead India," the voice over states.

The description of the morphed video, uploaded by Jitega Bharat says: voicing aspirations of India to move beyond Failed CONgress-led UPA!

While the original video uploaded has been taken down by YouTube, copies of the video have been uploaded from multiple accounts.

Updated Date: Aug 22, 2013 12:05:41 IST