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So where is the Mumbai Ministry of Alcohol based?

Remember the rave party raid in which two IPL players were caught? You must have read in the papers that as the police couldn't find any drugs on the party goers, they slapped the Bombay Prohibitions Act of 1949 on them. According to this act any person who consumes alcohol without a valid permit can be booked under the act and can face imprisonment up to 3 years or/and a fine of Rs.1000.

 So where is the Mumbai Ministry of Alcohol based?

People caught at the party in Mumbai last week. PTI

Ideally, the act itself shouldn't exist. It belongs to an era when Mumbai was Bombay and is archaic in that sense. But since it is the law, we have no option but to go ahead and comply. So even though Mumbai is known as a melting point of many cultures; as the city that never sleeps; as the gateway to India, you still need a permit to drink in the city!

We spoke to few youngsters in Mumbai to find out just how much they know about the act. See the video know their reaction.

Here's the a small guide to get the permit made:

1. You need to have 3 passport size pictures (preferably taken when you are sober).

2. A residential and a age proof (driving license or passport would do).

3. Take this to the nearest excise department office (there is one in Bandra and one in Fort) and fill up the form they give.

The Permit fees are as follows.

a) Life time permit- Rs. 1000/-

b) One year permit- Rs. 100/-

c) One day permit for country liquor Rs. 2/-

d) One day permit for foreign liquor Rs. 5/-

You will get the permit done in a weeks time. Well if you don't want to take a trip to a government office you can to go nearest wine shop too. The wine shop will do it for you for an extra charge (might do it for free if you are regular).

And yes, even after the permit, don't forget to drink responsibly. Cheers!

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Updated Date: May 26, 2012 14:26:54 IST