World Tourism Day: Here are countries you can travel to without the hassles of a visa

On World Tourism Day, here's one more reason to quench our thirst for travel.

The World Tourism Day is celebrated by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation to address global challenges outlined in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and to highlight the contribution the tourism sector can make in reaching these goals. Its purpose is to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.

In honour of promoting the 2016 of promoting universal accessibility, we decided to list the top 5 destinations Indians can travel to without the hassles of obtaining a visa beforehand. Happy planning!


Location: Coast of Eastern Africa

Visa on Arrival information: Madagascar gives a free visa on arrival for a stay of upto 30 days. Short stay visas for 60 days and 90 days can be obtained by paying a fee of 70 Euros and 100 Euros respectively.

Why you should visit:

If you love exploring unique flora and fauna, this is the place for you. Pack your D-SLR camera as you come across animals like lemurs, the aye-aye, flying fox and the fossa.

The plants are also unique and 80% of them are endemic to the island (you won't find them anywhere else in the world) so its the perfect spot for all the amateur photographers out there who are into capturing the beauty of nature.

For those of you are into adventure, try snorkeling at the scenic island of Nosy Mangabe.

Food to try: Madagascar Fried Rice; which with sweet corn, spring onions and soy paste makes it a unique dish to try.

Image courtesy: Creative Commons

Image courtesy: Creative Commons

Saint Lucia

Location: Saint Lucia is an Eastern Caribbean island nation.

Visa On Arrival information: Saint Lucia is a destination where Indian passport holders can obtain visa on arrival for a stay of upto 6 weeks.

Why you should visit:  The beautiful island is the perfect combination of nature and adventure.

The island is famous for the Piton mountains, and its beautiful waterfalls. Its a perfect place to hike and revel in the beauty of nature. A must visit place is Sulpur Springs, the world's only drive-in volcano.

For those of you looking for a different type of adventure; worry not. Other than it being a international party spot, it also has a wide range of fusion-food restaurants guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds no matter what you like!

Food to try: When you are in Saint Lucia, you have to try the National dish of Green Fig & Salt Fish.

The Sulphur Springs at St Lucia. Image courtesy: creative commons

The Sulphur Springs at St Lucia. Image courtesy: creative commons

Hong Kong

Location: Hong Kong is simultaneously a part of China, and not China. This means that Hong Kong has special administrative rules for its' governing, and special visa rules for visiting it.

Visa On Arrival information:  For up to 14 days, you can stay in Hong Kong visa-free.

Why you should visit: Hong Kong has it all.

Whether you want to look at Hong Kong's spectacular skyline, or go on nature trails, Hong Kong has it all. It is also a shopping mecca, with shoppers flocking from all over the world to the markets of Hong Kong which are known as a bargainer's paradise.

It is also (in)famous for its party scene, and has a wild nightlife which will keep you pretty busy too. And no matter how old you are, you can't miss out on going to the Disneyland in Hong Kong.

Food to try: Douhua, also known as dòufuhua or tou foo fa, is a Chinese dessert made with silky tofu.

The Hong Kong shopping district. Image courtesy: Creative Commons

The Hong Kong shopping district. Image courtesy: Creative Commons


Visa On Arrival information: You can get a visa on arrival in Bolivia when you show them your travel itinerary and hotel reservation. The visa is valid for 90 days. Prior visa is free of charge and you can get it at Bolivian embassy.

Why you should visit: If you like historical architecture, peaceful walks down picturesque streets and scenic lakes, Bolivia is your pick.

The quiet pace of the country is quite charming as you visit the town of Copacabana, revel in its quaintness, explore the capital of La Paz and gawk in wonder at the world's largest salt flat,  Salar de Uyuni

Food to try: Buñuelos are a popular snack throughout Bolivia. They come in both sweet or savory flavors and are often stuffed with cheese. While Buñelos can be eaten at anytime, Bolivian tradition sees them eaten on Christmas morning with syrup and hot chocolates.

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Image courtesy: Creative Commons

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. Image courtesy: Creative Commons


Location: The Carribean Islands

Visa On Arrival information: A visa is not required for your visit to Jamaica.

Why you should visit: If you are a fan of Reggae music and Bob Marley, Jamaica should definitely be on your list.

This laid back country is known for its coffee plantations, the blue lagoon (made famous by Tom Cruise's film Cocktail) and scenic beaches.

Food to try: The Jamaican Jerk Chicken and the Jamaican coffee. The jerk chicken is best sampled from street-side vendors for authenticity.

The Blue Lagoon in Jamaica. Image courtesy: Creative Commons

The Blue Lagoon in Jamaica. Image courtesy: Creative Commons

Updated Date: Sep 27, 2016 16:39 PM

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