Watch: Maharashtra govt revokes ban on beef; Mumbai city rejoices

Mumbai: Mumbaikars woke of to a pleasant(?) surprise Friday morning after news of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly passing an amendment to lift the beef ban in the state.

The news came following state wide criticism over the ban.

Over the past few months protests gained ground in many cities across the state, especially in Mumbai.

Representational image. Reuters

Representational image. Reuters

A protester is seen shouting "How can, how can, how can?", in a video gone viral on the social media, trembling with rage, dark eyes shining with tears outside the Chief Minister's residence. The man's piercing eyes and spit soaked lips became the face of the protests. The image is widely reproduced on interwebs in form of meme (now the most popular one originating from India, beating Honorable Prime Ministers doing yoga on the street).

Overjoyed, but reluctant Firstpost reporters stepped out of the office to capture the mood in the streets.

"Civil liberties were being trampled, but now the truth have prevailed," said one student outside Sunlight bar in South Bombay, but refused to explain the statement any further as he was getting late for his class.

"What a delicious news! Get it? Get it?" said another, slightly embarrassment of the excess saliva at the corner of his lips. "Excuse me, its been a long wait."

"It's like life has given me another chance," said a restaurant owner in Byculla. "I thought I had lost everything, but the news has renewed my faith in higher powers." Needless to say, our reporters were treated with some very special delicacies at the joint.

Firstpost also contacted CWFB (Cows Will Fight Back), a pro anti-beef NGO, and after much delay, a ststement was issued by them.

"Throughout the history, the cows have always fought back and they will continue to fight till kingdom come. This is not the end. There will be an uprising, a revolution. We'll see who ends up getting eaten in the end. The yuppies will not win."

At the time of writing, our experts were deducing this statement by the Maharashtra government.

Updated Date: Apr 01, 2016 12:28 PM

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