Watch: At the Cat Café Studio in Mumbai, cuddle up with a feline while sipping on chai

Mumbai’s gastronomic scene has seen many unique restaurants and cafés come up over the past few years.

In the same universe, cats continue to rule the Internet. When it comes to the number of pets in the US, cats beat dogs, paws down.

In India, however, it’s a different scenario. Here, black cats are considered a bad omen, and offering cats milk (they're lactose intolerant) is somehow considered a verified practice. There is no evidence from where popular misconceptions like these came about. And it was to bust these myths, help stray cats find a home and create a space where humans can interact with these felines, is how the Cat Café Studio in Mumbai was started.

The Cat Café Studio is situated in Araam Nagar 1, a suburb popular among struggling actors in the city. While the café has the usual brownies and chai, it also has cat food for the 30-odd in-house felines, who you can cuddle up with when you visit the premises.

This Slice Of Life documentary tells the story of how the Cat Café Studio came into being, introduces you to the owners and their story and most importantly, does away with some popular misconceptions about cats. It also helps you understand felines better. So, whether or not you are a cat lover, watch and share with a friend who'd love to adopt a furry friend.

Updated Date: Dec 01, 2016 15:27:20 IST