Here’s why the OnePlus TV is going to hit peak viewer experience

In an era of hyper-connectivity, how does one make the digital experience smarter and more significantly conducive to human lives? To address this question, OnePlus will launch its very first smart TV called OnePlus TV.

It focuses on three key aspects — build something from scratch that will redefine image and sound quality, ensure seamless integration with other smart devices and pay close attention to design features for aesthetically blending into a home environment.

In order to offer the most accurate high definition image, the OnePlus TV was embedded with a radical processor created in-house. The team calls it Gamma Color Magic Processor that is certified to deliver best-in-class quality.  Additionally, it is bolstered by a customised 4K QLED screen with Dolby Vision. The result is superlative clarity and life-like colours that bring to the screen even the minutest details.

There are eight speakers with an output of 50 Watts which is further powered by Dolby Atmos. It creates a cinematic experience and aligns with the company’s vision to be a truly immersive offering.

In just six years, OnePlus has introduced multiple flagship products that have become indispensable to our digital lives. The company abides by this philosophy with the smart TV that will run on a customised Android operating system. Moreover, they are collaborating closely with Google to offer updates for at least three years. The smart TV has a wide array of features that offers access to Google Assistant and Playstore. Thus, it will not only sync effortlessly with other devices but is also predicted to foster intelligent connectivity.

Reportedly, the smart TV will be made available in three display sizes of 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch. Other news suggests that it will have 3GB of RAM and will incorporate the latest version of Android TV 9.

Earlier this month, CEO Pete Lau tweeted a sneak peek of the design which seems to have the polished Kevlar finish.

Perhaps, his Tweet also puts the spotlight on the TV's stand design. It seems to have a swivel mechanism that supports it from the top, thereby giving easy access to the ports at the bottom. It is distinctly unique and completely different from all the TV stands that are in the market right now.

Lau also tweeted a single impactful picture of the remote that has a sleek silver coating with midnight black android navigation buttons.

It has a USP port neatly placed at the bottom and speculations are rife about whether it is a Bluetooth device.

Rumours suggest that the ultra-premium offering from OnePlus will be placed within the mid-range pricing of Rs 45000 to Rs 70000 (approximately). Once again, it stands true to the company’s core value of offering the best of technology at surprisingly affordable prices.

Lau’s latest tweet suggests that the launch is just around the corner.

Earlier, he had confirmed that OnePlus TV will be released in India first. Multiple sources indicate that the company is all set for unveiling the OnePlus TV on September 26, 2019.

As we inch closer to the predicted launch date, we can’t wait to get our hands on a smart TV that promises to be a complete package of entertainment and world-class technology.

Updated Date: Sep 12, 2019 16:57:35 IST