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Here comes the rain: A playlist for monsoon-haters, because you can't go out anyway

 Here comes the rain: A playlist for monsoon-haters, because you cant go out anyway

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There's a very famous nursery rhyme that goes, "It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring," and it may have a lot more depth than we give it credit. While there are the innumerable status updates and hashtags that celebrate the monsoon, there are many, many people for who the monsoons are a nightmare. The rains are very far from being romantic for them - in fact, they are depressing, boring and the season that makes doing laundry a terrible thing.

Like Little Johnny, one of those rare humans who wanted the rain to go away, only so that he could play, some of us would rather listen to sad songs bemoaning the death of our social lives during the monsoons. And those hundred playlists romancing the monsoon won't quite help. So here's our list of songs, perfect for the monsoon hater.



1. Who'll Stop the Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival

The first line of the song is a dead giveaway. "Long as I remember, The rain been comin' down." CCR has to have written this song about the never ending rain during the month of July-August. You fall asleep, and it's raining, you wake up and it's raining. Mumbaikars, you know what we're taking about.

2. Why Does it Always Rain On Me - Travis

This song is dedicated to those of you who think the constant rain is Karma's way of saying, "this is for you, bi***", for those of you who wonder if the rain will stop if you do a good deed. Well, it's worth a shot, right? In the meantime, croon away to Travis' gold number: "Oooo, where did the blue sky goooo." Where, indeed.

3. After The Rain Has Fallen - Sting

Sting gives us all hope. No, really. The last lines of this song only means Sting stands with us in our anti-rain stance. Or so we think. "After the thunder's spoken, and After the lightning bolt's been hurled, After the dream is broken, there'll Still be love in the world," he sings. We know he's using rain as a metaphor, but we'll surely be happy after the lightening bolt's been hurled. (Feel free to watch the Desert Rose video after this and dream of sand dunes and sunshine)

4. Just Like Strange Rain - Elton John

This song is for those of you who feel strange things with the rain. No, not those strange things, but when you're unable to think constructively and find yourself staring outside the window for far too long. For un-productive days, and for when you find the rain limiting: "Down came the strange rain and washed my thoughts away"

5. I Can't Stand the Rain - Tina Turner

Trust Tina Turner to say it like it is. No metaphors, no read-between-the-lines. Just simple emotions with a catchy melody. We're going to let you listen and absorb it, cause there's nothing we can say that Turner hasn't said already in this 80s cult classic.

6. Black Summer Rain - Eric Clapton

There are a lot of people (including this writer) who think this is one of the more underrated Eric Clapton songs. If there was ever a song that instantly made you long the sun, and some bright sunshine, it would be this one. Clapton himself sings, "Where is the sun, the sun that used to shine on me." We feel you, Eric.

7. Rainy Mondays - Shiny Toy Guns

Rain + Monday = Depressed. It doesn't get worse than that combination. So, if you're stuck at work, and are longing for a beachy, tropical vacation that you can't take for a while, this song is for you. We can't promise it'll make you feel better but atleast you'll be able to find solace in the fact that Shiny Toy Guns get you.

8. Rain Song - Led Zeppelin

Okay let's get rid of all these negative emotions. And let Led Zeppelin help you with that. We're not asking you to love the rain, no. We're asking you to make peace with it, and lose yourself in Robert Plant's hypnotising voice. Surely that's not too bad?

9. No More Rain - Kylie Minogue

If it's still raining and you were looking for a song to dance to while you were indoors, Kylie Minogue will come to your rescue. This song has a catchy beat and is easy to sing along with. Infact, turn it into an anti-rain party: call a bunch of friends, get your um, spirits in place, and sing along. Kylie would approve.

10. Rain - The Beatles

Here are the Beatles telling you that seasons are just a state of mind. "Can you hear me, that when it rains and shines (When it rains and shines) It's just a state of mind?" So with the permission of the music masters, feel free to ignore the pitter-patter and dream away about the sunshine.

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Updated Date: Jun 12, 2015 16:52:44 IST

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