Having a good time over drinks is great, but this one little thing can ruin it all

There’s nothing like an evening well spent with close friends who like their poison as well as you do. The conversation flows, meanders into strange places on well-lubricated tongues, and finds its way back… or not. An “evening session” always leads to new discoveries and unforgettable moments… no matter how blurry they seem the next day.

There’s also nothing quite like the sudden and complete halt of your buzz as you realise that you’ve got to drive home.

Well, that’s one thing we don’t miss any more. That, and the interminable drive home while eating copious quantities of cheap mints, and sitting up straighter each time someone remotely resembling a cop was seen. No, don’t miss that. This guy in the video below understands our sentiments *exactly*.

What we do love though, is the gloriously legit excuse to take a nice AC cab to and from our favourite watering hole. To arrive at one’s destination completely unruffled by traffic, and totally caught up on one’s social media feed. Such is the good life. Some of us take it up a notch by driving to the watering hole, but leaving the car at the valet overnight… giving one the perfect excuse to hit the Sunday brunch the next day while retrieving the car…

Which is why we were at a complete loss to understand why the people in the next video actually got back into their cars after having such a good time… I mean, do you really wanna drive through the cratered and pockmarked streets of Mumbai, venting your glorious buzz at the next 100 rickshaw walas who will choose to cut ahead of you at every turn? We don’t understand it.

Maybe it’s an age thing. Maybe, like the vintages we love so much, we’re ageing maturing really well too. So, our unsolicited advice to all you dear readers is simply this - protect your buzz and that of your loved ones; and earn some good karma by creating employment for those who drive you home. Cheers!

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Updated Date: Oct 19, 2018 16:07:38 IST